Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Student Vocab Errors Just Get Better and Better...

So, yesterday one student was hoping for "foxy" teachers in his ideal school... Another student seemingly had much, much more on his mind when he wrote his essay...!

"The school of my dreams would be double s*x with lots of students from all over the world."

Gulp. Excuse me?

Yeah, that would co-ed,  the opposite of single-s*x, of course! 

(Didn't write "s*x" as he had written it so that weirdos don't get my blog when they do explicit Google searches). 


Annie said...

I love this stuff. How funny.

Anonymous said...

He was just translating the meaning directly from the Russian fairy tales - the fox is always smart and cleaver and sly hero of any old tale.
Very admirable creature she is.