Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Bunch of Sickies: Update

Still not 100% recovered from the flu he brought back from the USA. Fighting an ear infection, on antibiotics.

Still really tired from the flu, but mainly recovered. On my third week of a three-month antibiotic prescription prescribed by doctor in the USA to get rid of my recurring sinusitis FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL. 

Has now missed a week of school. Doing better, but still not completely recovered from her dad's flu. I hope she'll go back to school tomorrow.

Poor thing... The flu morphed into Strepp throat. Obviously still home sick. Probably won't go back to school until next week.

Our Babysitter
Limping along, well enough to come back to work on Monday when I went back to work. 

The Cats?
Thrilled to have all those warm bodies laying around all day!

p.s. We got flu shots, but they weren't for the American strain of the flu!


The Expatresse said...

I'm fine. Skittles, though barking like a seal, has returned to school. The Spouse has the bug now, but soldiered on . . . off to work, albeit via Metro rather than by foot. I would not recommend sitting next to him in the lunchroom, however.

Re sinuses: Horrid as it sounds, have you tried a neti pot type treatment? I have something called NeilMed system (which is easier and more of a squirt bottle). I've seen something here in the aptekas called something like "Dolphin." I really think it helps . . .

Certainly this is TMI, now that I have revealed I rinse my sinuses. EWWWW. :-)

Annie said...

Good luck with full recovery for all....

So far (knock on wood)no illness here - only a double ankle sprain (high and low) for Maxim. :(

Tina in CT said...

It sure hit everyone hard. Yes, I bet the cats are loving all the attention and the warm bodies to sleep next to. Whenever I was sick, Fritz and Streusel loved curling up w/me. Liesel has to calm down to reach that stage.

Tami said...

Uck! You guys are really battling this thing, aren't you? Sorry to hear everyone's been hit with it, but glad it sounds like you're on the back side of it. Hope you're all back to feeling well soon.
Got a little package in the mail today. ;) I'm off to send the sender a little email thank you note! :)

Rachael said...

Wishing wellness on your household!