Saturday, January 31, 2009

Playground Skating

While driving one of Katya's friends home from school the other day, I noticed that the kids seemed to be gliding across the playground. Yup, it had been turned into an ice rink!

When the weather is cold enough, many paved courts in neighborhood courtyards are turned into rinks. Last year it was too warm!

This morning Natalia and I were up before anyone else -- so we dressed very warmly, grabbed our skates, and headed out. The car was covered in thick, fluffy snow and it was still snowing fat flakes. What a fun time to be outside! You can easily tell what a great time Natalia had. I did, too... What a great FREE thing to do in Moscow!

The ice was kind of bumpy, but I managed to do a decent scratch spin. Natalia's filming skills were equally bumpy!

After skating, we played on the playground for a while. Here's the "snowbox"! 

By then we were thoroughly chilled, so Natalia gave me her best "puppy dog face" and begged for some hot chocolate... 

We gladly went to a cafe that just opened to warm up. Blini with apples and cinnamon, and hot chocolate for Natalia... A latte for me. 

Nice morning!

(Well, of course, we then got home and the girls fought horribly... Katya had chosen to not come, but she was horribly jealous and angry about having been left home... Natalia then rubbed it in her face... Ugh.)


Francie said...

That video was so cute! First of all you looked awesome! You made that look so simple, too!
You should have seen me watching it though... I was tilting my head this way and that way, haha! Oh, and your pictures of your adorable little girl are just precious! I like the color of her snowsuit too!

Tami said...

How fun! Love the video...even if I had to turn my head sideways! :) Francie's right, you make it look so easy!

Anonymous said...

FUN!!! you look amazing ; )
so does talia ; )

miss you!

Tina in CT said...

Loved the pictures of Natalia. Please download to Ofoto so I can order them (scrapbooking skating pages). I also was turning sideways to look at the video. Good to see you back on the ice. Question: Won't skating outside hurt your good blades?

Blini's with fruit and cocoa. Yum.

Tough for Katya. It's nice for you and Katya to have time alone too and Katya would have just complained about being cold.

Maybe you all can go tomorrow.

Gorgeous sunny day here with a beautiful blue sky. I'm actually going to hang out towels in the cold.

Cindy Niles said...

Wow! You're a great skater! Enjoyed the photos, also.

Annie said...

I loved the video, too! You are certainly better than anyone I've seen at the ice rink - even the intstructors! That must be such for for people passing by to see a real skater!

Lovely pictures of Natalia. I hope they always cooperated with having their photos taken.

Anonymous said...

Great skating!
I am glad to hear that it is still done in Russia. When I was a kid, it was our great entertainment, the playground skating rings. We even made our own one in the inside yard of the apartment building for ice hockey.
How cold was it? Natasha looks like it was cold.

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

OH MY GOSH! I am blown away. You are terrific. I bet your daughters are so proud that their momma can skate so well... Wonderful!!

And what kind of camera do you have? I need to get a new one that takes photos that are clear and sharp like yours...

Carey and Norman said...

How fun to go ice skating in neighborhood parks. The things we'd never get to experience living in TN.

Tina in CT said...

Check your phone - I can't get through all weekend.