Friday, February 13, 2009

Ah, So THAT's How They All Become Partying Night Owls...

I've never been able to understand the whole "nightclub/discoteka" thing. Once it's night, the only thing I have any interest in is SLEEPING. Going out partying until morning? Hardly!!! Little girls don't care how much sleep you got the night before, so you'd better get every zzzzzzzz you can...

I've often wondered, seriously, HOW do they do it? HOW can they stay up so late and then function on so little sleep? 

Tonight I got somewhat of answer...


One of Katya's pals came over for an impromptu playdate after school. When I called to ask the other mom if it would be OK, I let her know that I'd need her to pick up her daughter by 9:30 p.m. at the latest. 

I'm sure that hour already seems crazy to you American readers -- but NO Russian kid Katya's age is in bed before 9:30. Considering that they only got to our home at 7:15, I figured staying until 9:30 would give them adequate time to play well. 

Hmm. It's now 11:19 p.m., folks, and the girl only left ten minutes ago. Seriously. The mom just "lost track of time". The American part of my brain is going, "HUH??!!! ARE YOU NUTS???!"... But the Russian part is saying, "Yeah... They grabbed a dinner à deux when they realized their daughter wouldn't be home for the evening and didn't realize how late it was... They figured our kids would be up late since it's Friday anyway..."

Hmmph. My kids could EASILY stay up this late. But me? Uh-huh. I'd have been in bed at 9 if I'd had the chance... 

Great. Not only do we now have the generational divide in our home, but now the cultural divide is popping up, too! They've lived here longer than in the USA and the nightlife is in their veins...

The consolation? It'll serve them well in college and if they become doctors. Or, actually, when they're moms one day. By which time they'll probably be as tired as I am. Oh, well... As my mom puts it, "Payback!"


Tina in CT said...

On this one, I have to nix the "Payback" as you were ALWAYS in bed early. I wanted my alone time and you were grumpy if you stayed up late.

I'd have had a FIT if I'd been you.

After the classmate left, you then had to get your two ready for bed and get them to wind down. Oh joy!
And you know they won't make up for the lost sleep time by waking later on Sat. morning either. And here I was afraid to call you back at 10:30 your time in case you were asleep.

My runny and sore nose are heading home to go to bed early. Wish I had my Streusel dog to go with me.

Annie said...

For some reason I was thinking the other day about how I have NEVER "pulled an all-nighter" or "burned the midnight oil"...(phrases I was teaching one of my Korean students). No way. If it wasn't ready or I didn't know it by bedtime....that was too bad.

Fortunately, I had planning skills commensurate with my desire for sleep.

This could explain, however, why my big kids think that STAYING UP ALL NIGHT is not only acceptable but desirable.

Rachael said...

Well, I did go through a phase in med school where up til 3 or 4 in the morning was the every night norm. (before kids.) Our friends used to drop by at all hours too, knowing we'd be up. We all were.

But...those days are long gone. I treasure sleep now, and my kids are on an early to bed schedule for my sanity sake.

I got a kick out of the quiet morning hours in Russia. It was impossible to find a cafe open for coffee before 10 a.m. -- they were all recuperating from the nightlife!

The Expatresse said...

My kids (8 and 10)are in bed by 8:30 on school nights. If I let them stay up much later on weekends, then we have jetlag issues on Mondays and everyone is cranky. They just function so much better with more sleep.

I know the Russian kindergartens enforce naps/siesta. That helps.

I also remember living in Buenos Aires and leaving a restaurant (sin hijas) around 10:00 at night while entire families were just entering. On a school night!

As a Midwesterner, we used to eat dinner at 6:00 at the latest. When The Spouse was in law school, he'd be home first and cook dinner. We ate as soon as I came in the door from work.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing more divine than dancing the night away to good live music with men that can dance!

Tina in CT said...

From Mom: Forgot to tell you the Amazon box came.

Liesel and I are back on the couch.