Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eye Yay Yay!

I spent this afternoon at the main eye hospital in Russia, seeing one of the top professors there. How lucky that her daughter is one of Katya's classmates and friends!

She does not agree with the other doctors I saw that my distorted vision and the numbness on my right side are simply caused the strain of needing stronger glasses. It turns out that my eyes are actually quite fine, thank you, although my prescription has worsened a little in the past two years. I still only need to wear glasses to look into the distance, not for reading, and not all the time.

I'm going back on Friday to be seen by a neurologist she recommends; she suspects a problem with blood flow in the arteries in my head and they'll do more tests. She wasn't worried, though; she thinks it could be treated by some simple medications, more sleep and less stress. 


Tina in CT said...

You need to be checked out by good old American doctors when you are home!!!!!

Rachael said...

Hmmm. I didn't think it was just your vision either. But, I was relieved that that seemed to be all it was, because it sounded benign enough.

Does she think you have temporal arteritis? That would be unusual in someone your age, but not impossible. I also thought about migraine with neurological aura or TIA.

Is there an American or European neorolgist at the European Medical Center or are you seeing a Russian neurologist? Just based on the neurological diagnoses in the medical charts of Russian adoptees, I know they approach the neurological system quite differently, at least in kids. It's good you know some people who can help make referrals for you, at least!

Tina in CT said...

I am worrying here in Southern N.E.

Your mother

Carey and Norman said...

Will be praying for you as I'm sure you were not wanting to hear that another doctor's visit was needed. I will pray that it is a minor complication that is easily fixed!! Whew...does it ever end?

Anonymous said...

now i am scared.... you must keep us updated! i'll talk to my sister who is an optomitrist.

miss you!

Tami said...

I agree with Rachel and your mom that it might be a good idea to see if you can find an American/European neurologist to see. Our kids medicals were laden with all kinds of neurological diagnosis...and in Anya and Nick's case put on medications that were, at best, unnecessary...and at worst harmful.
Glad you had a friend in the eye doctor, though, who could make sure you get the help you need.
((hugs)) We keep prayin' for ya.

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

Please please please make sure they listen to your neck with the stethascope...My mom had her surgery for coratid artery blocks (90%) a few weeks ago. She had similar symptons..
It all started with listening to her pulse in her neck.
My mom never saw a vascular surgeon, never a nuerologist.
Please stay on this....I am praying for you...

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

My mom SAW a vascular surgeon, not a nuerologist..

Annie said...

Yes; I hate to say that first diagnosis sounded awfully RUSSIAN, for want of a better word.

I'm glad she wasn't worried. Stress does strange things. One time I was going through a period of stress and carried it in my chest to the point that I was in pain and had an enormous lump (of knotted muscle); convinced I had breast cancer. Yes; Lydia was about three but I started making her first communion dress for her to wear when she was 7 and I wasn't around anymore..... But, fortunately, it was just stress!

Tina in CT said...

Oh now I am even more stressed after reading Jojo's comment!!!!

You need to see American specialists when you are home to follow up.

Your mother

Anonymous said...

do not get hysterical!
I have a great experience on both sides of the pond.I nearly died in USSR an in US, I nearly missed my baby delivery in both countries, and to tell you the truth, the US treatment was much harsher and more impersonal and dangerous. I only had 24 hours of life left in me at the age of 32 and was about to be send home to my death in US. And we were not leaving in the West Virginia, we were living in Westchester County (for the ones who know US economical geography)
Actually, my experience in US was much more dangerous and negligent than in Soviet Union (at least there it was not guaranteed that I will dye in 24 hour, in US it was given). So do not dismiss Russian doctors so swiftly.
The good doctor is a good doctor, and their are very rare and hard to come by in any country.
Your own judgment is your best call. It is very hard one, I know, but it is the only one you can trust. Only you know that you are not OK, and you should trust yourself and insist on your doctor to find out what is wrong. Do not allow them to dismiss your worries, it is so very important.
Keep telling them that you need urgent help and that you are not going anywhere until they provide you with this help.
Just keep pestering them until they help you.
It is hard thing to do, and feels stupid at times, but it is the most important thing you should do for yourself now.
It may be nothing, just nerves, and will all go away, but untill it does, do not let your doctors off the hook for a moment.

Anonymous said...

I had the same exact experience with the surgeon who nearly killed me few years before that. I was so stressed out that I did not know if I was coming or going.I came to him with lumps all over my breasts. He was more thoughtful this time, and said that if he would believe the test, he will have to cut me into little pieces, but he could not believe that anybody could possible can get so sick in such a short period of time. So, he recommended to stop drinking coffee, get more sleep, relax, and come to see him in a few weeks. It worked, I relaxed, and 18 years later still did not come to him for mastectomy.

Mimilou said...

Hello from Sweden,
I came across your blog by accident and want to wish you good luck in finding an answer to your medical problem.And also to tell you no matter what city,state,country or continent you are in/on God is always with you.
Praying for a speedy recovery..Mimi

Susan said...

I agree with Olga. A bad doctor is very easy to find!!
If your blood is "thick" you need to be on blood thinner, just for a while.
Its nasty stuff though. I was on it for 2 years:(
I would go to an American doctor for sure. Just because they understand all your descriptions of symptoms better.
Good thoughts!