Sunday, February 15, 2009

FIS Freestyle Aerials Ski Jump World Cup Won by an American Last Night!

Ryan St. Onge, of Winter Park, Colorado won the event last night! I was able to get close enough to take these pictures, but couldn't go closer and actually watch. (Prior commitments with the kids -- otherwise I could have. Plus admission was free!) A ski jump was built out of scaffolding behind the university for the event; they didn't use the ski jump that famously dominates Sparrow Hills.

I insisted they let me go and at least take some quick pictures of the scene... It's stunning to see the ski jump lit up with Moscow State University in the backdrop! Earlier in the week you could see it at night from the city's center -- illuminated up on Sparrow Hills. I took pictures then, but not with my Nikon, so they didn't come out.

I wish we could have been there cheering loudly, with a large "Go Team USA" banner! We attended the World Figure Skating Championships in 1995 and we were the only fans with a huge USA sign. The US skaters all noticed it, smiled and waved vigorously -- especially Sasha Cohen and Evan Lysacek.

Thanks to one reader for recommending this video of the event:


Anonymous said...

If you want to see a video from this event take a look here:


Anonymous said...

Incredible! And they did it right in the center of the city.
The pictures you took look great!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures!! Thinking of you,
Misison Viejo, CA

Tami said...

That looks like so much watch, not do! :) And the pictures were beautiful!

Annie said...

Thanks for posting the video! Amazing! It is hard to believe that so many of them "made it"...pretty excitign to watch.

Carey and Norman said...

A week away from blogging and I'm way behind. I laughed at the Russian playdate that went way late..So Russian. I also loved that your blog was quoted in the Aeroflot magazine. How funny that they are able to find these things online. Of course, you have a large following!

So glad you had a good week last week and looking forward to hearing about this week's outtings! So entertaining and fun!