Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Literal "Brainfreeze"?

Ever heard the expression, "brainfreeze"? As in, when you just can't put together a coherent thought? 

Evidently, I suffer from such a condition to quite an extreme degree!

When I got back from the hospital yesterday, the babysitter wanted to know what the doctor had said. "Ну, кажется, что у меня может быть проблема с сосулами в мозге..." (Talking about how it appears there might be a problem with the blood flow in the arteries/veins in my brain/head)

Her eyes opened WIDE.

All of the sudden I realized that I'd truly experienced "brainfreeze"!

Instead of saying "сосуди" (arteries/veins), I'd said "cосули" (icicles)!



Svetlana said...

LOL, I was reading and i tought that was misspeling

Tami said...

Heehee! :)

Anonymous said...

When I was in high school (ages ago), I had two friends, Masha and Olga. In the moment of great stress (before physics exam) and complete brainfreeze, just to make sure I am clear, I called my friend Olga by her first (same as mine) and my last name. It took 3 of us a while to figure out was wrong with what I said.

Annie said...