Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Mary, Did You Know?"


The latest routine in Natalia's dance class at school is set to "Mary, Did You Know?", a very pretty song about Jesus. I swear, you NEVER know what your kid will end up performing in a Russian school!!! Abba, folk songs, rock with lyrics that the teachers didn't quite realize aren't the most appropriate... I'll take this song any day!

Anyone who has ever seen the choreography typically done in Russian schools won't be surprised in the least by the "expressiveness" added to this religious song... All that shimmying and shaking Natalia loves to do? Partly learned by catching glimpses of videos while in restaurants, partly learned in nursery school!

Her dance teacher is busy getting the group ready to compete in an international dance festival -- which our school has actually WON in the past! It's pretty amazing to think that our little kindergarten has beaten kids of all ages from all over the world in the past. Natalia won't be going, however... I wouldn't want my child to travel overseas without me, and we sure don't have a couple of thousand dollars laying around to foot the bill...!

I filmed the video above last week; today Natalia learned another part of the dance. Here she is, singing for you, too... Note how her pronunciation is influenced by hearing Russians singing in English! ("Baby" in the first line comes out as "maybe"... undoubtedly because the other kids don't understand what they're singing and say the wrong word). 

Look for her final "Pfff-pfff!" sound-effect in the last move; her teacher uses such sounds to get the kids to act at the same moment and with pizazz. It's so cute!



Tina in CT said...

Strange song for the non-religious kindergarten class to dance to.

Natalia enjoys her dance class so much that when you move back, you'll have to enroll her in dancing lessons. She sure can move.

When is the performance?

Tami said...

How cute is THAT?! :)

Anonymous said...

Did anybody ever tell you that Natalia looks just like the character Molly from the 1982 film "Annie?"

Anonymous said...

Natasha is great!
And the dance teacher seems very good to me. Kids move so naturally and happy to do it.

Annie said...

It is a very amusing choice. We have the children's choir sing that each year at Christmas time.

I really regret that my children have no opportunity to learn performance. Sergei got a taste of it at the Interdom, and so did Maxim...both traveled to singing competitions. But Nastya, who loves to dance, only got one little Yolka performance. And she still remembers the song and steps - which, ironically, she did with her partner Alina, who now lives in our city. Every so often they pull it out and try and do it for us.

Seraphina said...

This is definitely a part of Russian education that I haven't seen in the US. Something to add to the list of pros of living in Moscow!

Cindy Niles said...


garnet said...

What a great opportunity for your daughter. Mine would love to be doing at least some ballet. Does Katya get a chance as well?

Annie said...

First of all I love that song. Secon of all she so cute. And third of all I love your new background.

Seane-Anna said...

How cute!