Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church

Patriarch Kirill this morning at Christ the Saviour Cathedral

So this is why I couldn't go for a walk at Christ the Saviour Cathedral early this morning! After a very restless night (Katya is sicker now), I decided to sneak out for a quick drive (no traffic on Sunday mornings) to take some pretty pictures while the sun was rising. 

Little did I know that the police would be out in FULL FORCE, blocking off side streets and the entrances to the cathedral! 

I asked a soldier "Why?" and he was either stupid or following orders as he shrugged and said, "Uh, I dunno..." How could he not know?!

This picture doesn't give you an idea of just how many soldiers and police there were...

You couldn't even walk on Red Square! In my infinite wisdom, I chose to head home via Red Square to try for pictures there... Nope! An equally clueless soldier wouldn't let me go there, either.

I still need to go skating with the girls at the rink you can see there... Soon, too, because it will be taken down in mid-February. Here's the obligatory picture of St. Basil's, but it's a bad one... Bad angle, bad lighting...

I love the facade on this building undergoing renovations... Sometimes the Russians are so clever in their "cover ups"! Every once in a while you do a double-take, not noticing at first that a building's intricate facade is all simply trompe d'oeil artwork!

I did walk down Varvarka, though, hoping to catch the sun shining on the pretty, old churches... The lighting wasn't right, though.

I did, however, get some pictures of the area where the Rossiya Hotel used to be... It's now demolished and the territory looks like a wasteland, particularly covered in snow... A luxury hotel is replacing it -- they sure haven't made much progress!

Another photo (I posted similar ones two weeks ago from Novodevichy Monastery) of a church seen through trees... That was the only way to catch the sun shining on the crosses!

This was an interesting shot... A very old church in the background, with a sign for the new book "Millionaires 2" by Elena Lenina in front of it... 

Here you can see a view down Varvarka Street... That's Gostinny Dvor on the right, and Red Square in the background. The Hotel Rossiya used to be behind the old churches on your left.

I was SO glad to get back in my car and turn on the heat... It was a COLD -17 degrees Celsius/1.4 degrees Fahrenheit with an ICY wind. I was right, though... Going outside for a bit sure DID wake me up!


Tina in CT said...

OMG! Now Katya is sick again. There is a black cloud over your apartment. Poor Katya - hope the antibiotic does the trick quickly.

Give me a call.

Annie said...

Wow....that seems like quite a walk! I'm barely brave enough to go from car to house! Thanks for braving the cold to give us a taste of a Moscow winter morning.

Carey and Norman said...

Love all the winter pictures of Moscow. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!
Why did they have so much security for the "metropolit vseay Rusi"?

bellajustbella said...

One day when you are out taking photos...I would love to see a photo of Sergei Grinkov's grave at Vaganskoya Cemetary. If you ever run across it :)

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