Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No "Da" for Disney

I just got the paper today and one of the main stories is that Disney has been blocked from starting a Disney Channel on Russian television. The project was to have been a joint-venture with a free Russian channel and the government blocked it because of "anti-monopoly reasons." 

Bummer! I didn't even know such a project was in the works. 

Now I really wish the conflict would get resolved...

I'm sure my mom is sighing with relief that the girls won't have access to such drivel -- but I wish we had the choice to watch it from time to time. And frankly -- there aren't other options for the kids other than really bad imported cartoons. No "PBS"-type shows.

Sure, the Disney Channel instantly imports American culture into any country it enters -- and I can see why the Russian government would be opposed. But COME ON, it's in CHINA! 

In our case, it would be nice for the girls to feel more of a pop-culture connection to their American peers. Heck, anything that makes it bit more palatable on a rough day here would be welcome!


Tina in CT said...

Some of the shows on Disney are OK but a lot of it is just junk. When I was watching the Mickey Mouse Club as a kid, the MMC was fantastic and age appropriate. The series that they had were great - Hardy Boys, Spin and Marty, etc.

What really got to me was the witch show with the talking zit. Yee Gads! There is also a show with totally incorrect grammar. What a horrible example for kids.

Anonymous said...

where is this building mickey is standing in front of?

miss you!

Anonymous said...

Is it a Spas-na-krovi in Leningrad?