Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scrapbooking and Craft Supplies in Moscow!

Well, I'll be! I stumbled upon this site! 

"Craft Corner"... With quite a good selection considering that I didn't think you could find most of these things in Moscow! 

If you spend more than 2,500 rubles, delivery is free in Moscow. (I'm sure the cost isn't that much is you spend less). 


Tina in CT said...

We need to be on the phone and online as I'm curious about Bazzill and CK prices, the glue pen price and the cropadial price. I have some of the products and it's so funny to see them on a Russian site. Great for you to know you can at least buy some things there if you need them. You need to get back into scrapping.

Got your message about CM order. Thanks

Did you order the pictures on Ofoto for me?

Tami said...

How fun! I LOVE to browse through stores like that.

Annie said...

How nice! I was looking through the site and noticed one of my favorite "Russian" words: скотч

"scotch" = tape

Somehow I missed learning that word in my Russian study, and associate it now with the arrival of my dear Sergei, the man with a project, who asked for it within minutes of arrival in our home.... Of course I guessed what he meant, and it cracked me up. Particularly when I realized it was REALLY the word!