Saturday, March 7, 2009

Folk Dolls

There were two local women selling their crafts last weekend in Melikhovo

All of the dolls are made of traditional materials, mainly linen, wood and flax. These two dolls above are "Maslenitsa" dolls since their bodies are made of straw, not fabric (like those of the "Kostroma" effigies that are burned at Maslenitsa celebrations).  

I think all the dolls are absolutely beautiful! Katya and Natalia were quite smitten, too. They thought it was particularly interesting that the old-fashioned dolls don't have faces -- so children can project their own negative emotions onto them, keeping the children healthy and happy. (Yes, Russia is quite a superstitious country!)

The girls each picked out a little trinket for themselves and their friend... And THIS to raise money for the orphanage in St. Petersburg, Russia that Rachael and Kate help to support at Christmastime (and throughout the year).

 You'll have to check out Rachael's "Simple Wishes" etsy (online crafts) shop next fall to nab it! I paid 250 rubles, which these days is $7. 


Rachael said...

Oh, awesome!

So funny too, because I was reading this post, thinking, ooh, I have to convince Tamara to get me one of those for the fundraiser! Of course, you already thought of that. :)

Annie said...

It IS awesome! How adorable.

As for the superstitious Russians - I am pretty sure it was Maria Montessori who also opined that dolls shouldn't have faces! For similar reasons.

baby walkers said...

Those are pretty unique dolls... We never had one of those..though I like it!