Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The (Expat) Generation Gap...

Conversation in the car this afternoon:

Natalia: Mom, I want to send something to S~ (one of her best friends). I don't remember what it's called.

Me: Send something? 

Natalia: I want to tell him something.

Me: An e-mail? 

Natalia: No...

Me: An sms?

Natalia: No... Not that...

Me: Do you mean a text? 

Natalia: No! Not that!

Me: I don't know what you mean, honey.

Natalia: You know, paper! That you write on! What's that thing called?

Me: Um, A LETTER?!!

Natalia: YES! THAT'S IT! (Silence.) Um, Mom? How do letters get to people?

Me: (Realizing that she truly has lived most most of her life here...) Mailmen deliver them.

Natalia: (Trying to figure out how that would work. Keep in mind that we've never used the unreliable Russian postal system to receive or send mail -- other than our college alumni magazine -- since moving here; the only mail we get is through the Fed Ex pouch at Chris's office). Hmm... How do they know your password to get the mail in your box?



Tina in CT said...

The poor Boo! The only mail that she sees is when we go to my mailbox each day on the way home from camp.

Tina in CT said...
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katbat said...

thats funny - fewer and fewer people send letters these days - my mom treasures old letters from her grandmother, mom and aunts, and we were just talking about how this (my) generation wont have that to hold on to (maybe we will read their old blogs!?). thanks for your messages - I wish aeroflot still flew direct seattle moscow!!

Tina in CT said...


Don't fly Aeroflat. Read one of the stories on The Beet Goes On about drunk pilot, etc.

Tamara's mother

Anonymous said...

That is above cute - true generation gap. And few years ago I was ashamed not knowing what an expression "snail mail" means.

Rachael said...

So funny!!!

missusem said...

That is truly hilarious!!! :) - found your site looking for girly froggy costumes I'm thinking of sewing for my little girlie..