Monday, March 2, 2009

If Not This, Then This!

Oh... It's too cold to go to the playground?

Then why not go the local outdoor pool? It's called "Chaika," which means "Seagull," and it's located right near the Park Kulturi metro station. 

Last week I went on many long walks as I visited various hospitals to get the bottom of my vision loss and numbness in my face; I took soooo many pictures to now share. 

After finding unclear indications about blood flow in my carotid arteries, I got in to see the top thoracic surgeon in Russia. I WAS SO THANKFUL FOR CONNECTIONS. Within two hours, for $30, I got a very confident clean bill of health, so they don't know why I had the trouble I did. Perhaps it was simply an intense migraine. 


Tina in CT said...

I'd still feel a lot better (as would your father and in-laws I'm sure) if you saw a top specialist in CO through connections your father-in-law would have.

Your mother

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

Did they do a doplar (sp) test on your coratid? Did they do a stress test? Please stay on this...It is never good to go numb. My suggestion is that you take at least 3 naps per week....

Your Nosy Friend

Tina in CT said...


Did they do doplar and stress on your cortaroid?

Your mother

Annie said...

That pool looks so inviting..

She's pulling out the "mother" thing. Maybe you better have the tests done, at least!

Anonymous said...

I am with Annie, the "mother" thing sounds threatening - your better do the tests.
How do you feel now (without fooling yourself)?

Tami said...

Yep, Tami. I have a feeling you'd better be paying attention to her when she pulls out the 'mother' signature! :) In any case I'm glad you're feeling better.
That pool looks great...just like the hot springs in Glenwood Springs. Hmmm...sounds like a great weekend getaway to me.