Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's Going On This Week?

Katya and I have the week off from school, and we've been looking to fill it up with things we don't usually get to do. For me, that means actually organizing the apartment, spring cleaning, etc... But there needs to be some fun, too!

We're going to the gym a lot, having play dates with classmates who aren't going away, and checking out some plays and movies. There are, of course, many museums we could visit -- but neither girl "felt like it" this week. 

Here is a summary of what we're considering doing this week, a selection of plays and films. I didn't include any puppet shows or circuses; I'll do an entry on those some other time. Now that both girls are fluent in Russian, we prefer being able to take advantage of more "serious" theater and movies. 

We'll also go ice skating at the Evropeysky Mall. The girls are begging for a trip to Kva Kva Water Park since they loved it so much last time... If Chris can take a day off from work, then I'd consider it... 


Pippi Longstocking and Mary Poppins are playing  at the Ermolova Theater. We really like the work they do; the acting and scenery are fantastic.

Tom Sawyer, and many other plays, are at the RAMT theater, a really great place. Katya saw Helen Keller there and loved it last fall. 

Peter Pan, showing at the Moscow Theater of Young Audiences. We went to see this on Saturday and it was very good, true to the book and not influenced at all by Disney. They also have The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn showing this week; Katya wants to go...

Thumbelina is also playing at the New Ballet Theater and it looks quite good!

We also like the Natalia Sats Children's Theater; they offer a wide variety of plays, ballets and concerts.


The Children of Timpelbach, a French "Lord of the Flies," looks really good. It's showing throughout the city in Russian. You can watch the trailer in French on the official website; it's great! If I were teaching French this year, I would definitely have fun using this movie in the classroom -- perhaps in the near future?

Hotel for Dogs, showing in Russian. I took Natalia to see it with a friend and they both enjoyed it. You can see the official trailer, in English, here

Monsters vs. Aliens, showing in Russian. We're going to meet up with one of Katya's friends and go see it tomorrow. You can see the trailer here

Inkheart, showing in Russian. This one looks good, but a bit scary! How can a movie with Helen Mirren go wrong? Here's the trailer. 


Rachael said...

Wow, the many options. I don't imagine that we have choices like that even in Chicago. You'll have to let us know what you choose!

Anonymous said...

We do not have choices like that even in NY city! All we have in NY for kids now are 3 Disney plays on Broadway. We took our grandchildren to see the Lion King last summer- it was wonderful.
You can find few other things for children, but there is not such thing as permanent theater for children I was able to find.
There is a Nutcracker in December in Lincoln Center (if you are lucky enough to have your grandchildren in December). There are other venues here and there, but nothing systematic and permanent except 3 Disney plays on Broadway.
I am jealous! I love Theater younogo zritelya!

Annie said...

Sounds wonderful! We have spring break next least the children do; we won't be able to do much because I still have to work...all three jobs....but we'll look around and see what is available here. Why do I think it might not be so exciting a set of choices?