Sunday, April 5, 2009

Déjà Vu

I went into this café to relax a few weeks ago and was struck by the painting on the wall. In the middle of Moscow, why the picture of the Brooklyn Bridge? Even odder, the picture is painted from the Brooklyn side of the river, from "Dumbo," near the park where I used to take the girls... We loved the playground there, Grimaldi's Pizza (voted best in NYC) and Jacques Torres hot chocolate (his chocolate is made right there, shipped around the world). 

(This picture doesn't have nearly the same effect on me as does one in a classroom I use at the high school... A "stock photo" of the World Trade Center Towers, completely out of place, forever out of context to the students who barely notice and weren't living there at the time...)

So I sat there drinking my hot chocolate, really wishing it could be a cup of Torres' wicked hot chocolate (spiked with chili pepper)... Five years ago, that was our idea of a fun reward, a break that pleased all three of us. 


Tina in CT said...

Remember the day that we took the girls to the park and then to Jacques Torres? As we approached the block, Katya took off running to the shop as she knew all about Jacques Torres at the ripe old age of 2 1/2. Every time I see the name Jacques Torres, I think of that.

Annie said...

I lived in NYC for awhile....but never in any "nice" neighborhood, that's for sure (struggling actress and all, I lived where people screamed in the night, and the heat was turned off from midnight - 6 a.m.). And we took bath in the kitchen sink/tub combo. Wow. I haven't thought about THAT for a long time either!

Anonymous said...

That is so peculiar - the Brooklyn bridge in Moscow!
It must mean something. My bet is that it is coming from the Soviet times, when anything American was adored in Russia.

Tina in CT said...

I saw a segment with Jacques Torres and chocolate Easter bunnies on the news yesterday.

Warangkana said...

Wow! Your country is very beautiful
and the children are so cute.