Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Christ is risen! Happy Easter, everyone! 

The girls are also so happy that the Easter bunny must have done some serious planning in advance -- um, a year ago -- so he could fill their basket with treats not available in Russia. Bunny bubble wands, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, Cadbury eggs, little chicks... and toothbrushes for their dolls (after all that candy, of course), a few books and Bubble Yum lipsmackers... 

Good thing he thought ahead. Had he wanted to buy a chocolate bunny here, THIS is what it would have cost:

That's $19.45! And that's the cheapest bunny I've seen!

Today seems like a good day to post some pictures I took last month of Christ the Saviour Cathedral. 

The view of the Kremlin from the pedestrian bridge behind the cathedral:


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!
Great pictures.

Annie said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures....though I am suddenly sunk into shame that I DIDN'T think ahead to get the children Russian candies for Easter. I feel so badly about it. That is the curse of working for the church (particularly when you are not all that organized at home)...the holidays are so full of preparations for the church community that there is no time to prepare for the family. Or, rather, perhaps it is a sense that "when I get done with THIS" I'll take care of the children's gifts, baskets, whatever.... but when I get done the Holy Day is upon us!

Tami said...

What beautiful pictures!!! Happy Easter! :)

Tina in CT said...

The CT version of the Easter bunny will have to get out tomorrow for the after Easter sales for next year.

Call me as I'll be here until 2:00. I tried calling but no answer.

Did the Easter Bunny do the egg hunt for the girls?

Annie said...

Happy Easter! I love those pictures.

Tina in CT said...

The Easter Bunny's helper (
Grandma in CT) hit Walgreen and Rite Aid and hit the mother load for 1/2 price Easter candy so the EB is all set for next year. Shall the EB's Grandma Helper bring it over with her next month?

garnet said...

I'm so impressed with the organization. It inspired me to ask my mother to look around for any stuff on sale. Not sure how that will go, however. My kids didn't do much here (rather hard to dye brown eggs -- they did find some dye that I didn't know we had but it wasn't exactly satisfactory). I told them we could do "Romanian Easter" next weekend and I managed to pick up some chocolate eggs and, I think, bunnies at the store. Not on sale, off course, because why would a store let a particular date on the calendar dictate what you sell when. I'm sure Christmas items are still available. Certainly there is some Valentine's candy still on the shelves. Now I just have to find that great storage place I used last July to put away the wonderful Russian egg decorations you sent me. Wish me luck!