Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In "Aeroflot" Again!

Yes, that's "American Girls in Moscow" included in Aeroflot's inflight magazine again, this time in April. (I was last in the February issue). I sure wish they'd have the consideration to let me know when they use my writing and pictures! At the very least, I'd love a copy of the magazines we're in! Hmm... If anyone over at Aeroflot is reading this, which I now know you are... "Please??!!! Pretty please? With a cherry on top?"

Big thanks to my friend over at "The Beet Goes On" who not only is in this issue of the magazine, too, but who also was kind enough to let me know about it and send a scan!

The quote this time came from this post

"One of Katya's pals came over for an impromptu playdate after school. When I called to ask the other mom if it would be OK, I let her know that I'd need her to pick up her daughter by 9:30 p.m. at the latest. 

I'm sure that hour already seems crazy to you American readers -- but NO Russian kid Katya's age is in bed before 9:30. Considering that they only got to our home at 7:15, I figured staying until 9:30 would give them adequate time to play well. 

Hmm. It's now 11:19 p.m., folks, and the girl only left ten minutes ago. Seriously. The mom just "lost track of time". The American part of my brain is going, "HUH??!!! ARE YOU NUTS???!"... But the Russian part is saying, "Yeah... They grabbed a dinner à deux when they realized their daughter wouldn't be home for the evening and didn't realize how late it was... They figured our kids would be up late since it's Friday anyway..."


The Expatresse said...

The Spouse saw it on his trip to Bratislava this week.

Tina in CT said...

You both are famous!

Anonymous said...

No such thing as copyright protection in Russia, of course :)..

They must figure they're doing you a favor by printing your story :). What a funny country this is :)).

I'm not at all surprised they like your blog, though :))! It's very interesting and wholesome (which is more than I can say of Diedre Dare's writing.. I find it hugely disappointing when someone like that becomes popular).

Anonymous said...

Your blog heading looks very good on the magazine page!

Tina in CT said...

Call me when you wake up on Thursday morning as I'll stay up late. Have to talk to you about stuff for the big box going out in UPS before I go to work.