Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nanny? Car? Apartment?

It's that time of year... Good friends are moving back to the USA... They'll leave behind many who will miss them dearly, a great nanny and a great car. Remember those posts about our Thanksgiving feasts smack in the center of Moscow? Well, these were our co-hosts! We're so sad to see them go!

Unrelated, but being added to this post, is a FAB apartment for a family in a SUPER area of the city's center.

The nanny is truly a gem, the car is a BARGAIN for Moscow, and the apartment really is that great.


We are looking to find our wonderful nanny/governess her next home, to start in June, when we are returning to the US. She has worked with us and our boys - now 8 and 6 - for over 2 years, and was a perfect andidote to a string of unsuccessful nanny hires.

A native Moscovite, a nurse by training and a mother of two (youngest entering teens, oldest working), Svetlana provides our kids with a rare combination of intellectual and physical development, as well as fun. She's disciplined and attentive in routines and activities, but not harsh and prefers to motivate with carrots, not sticks.

As she's worked in expat families, she is comfortable reaching an understanding with non Russian speaking parents.

If interested, pls contact us by email or her directly at +7916-911-8777

Hyundai Sante fe 
2.7 gls 4wd
Model year - 2001 (we bought in '04)
54-26 GL. RC: 110min. CCA-600A. 
CCMF68L. 12V. 68AH. 
Block motors -- 730-0292
Less than 45k km (only driven on weekends around Moscow). 
Comes with winter tires. 
CD changer
Had always given us a good ride. 

Priced to go, at $12,500. 

Will become available end May. 
If interested, please contact us by email or her directly at +7916-911-8777

  • Frunzenskaya Embankment, 7 minutes from metro Frunzenskaya
  • 105 square meters, 3 rooms (2 bedrooms, dining area, living room, kitchen, bathroom, high ceilings)
  • Stalin-constructed building
  • view of Moscow River from bedrooms and living room
  • ample storage (this is not common in Moscow!)
  • equipped for high-speed internet and cable
  • air conditioning
  • new windows
  • dishwasher, new stove, new refrigerator, new washing machine/dryer (combined)
  • nice renovation
  • HD television, large screen
  • partially furnished
  • garage space optional
  • near Gorky Park, Neskuchniy Sad, Sparrow Hills, MGU
  • near Luzhniki sports complex, three playgrounds, Frunzenskaya metro and Children's Park
  • good schools nearby, both public and private, Russian and British
  • Rent negotiable... Check the listings for the the area with the the real estate agents in the city and you'll find that $4,500 would be VERY fair for the level of renovation and the incredible view. 
  • Very nice landlords


Tina in CT said...

They're moving back to the US! You're always the one saying goodbye. I can't wait to have you do a similar posting!

You'll miss them.

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

If I only had a teaching job, I could take all of it....
Oh well, there is always another chance!
Sorry your friends are leaving. That must be hard!!

Annie said...

I wish I were rich and could take it all!!!!!!

Wow, JJJ - I picture the teaching job I would get as allowing me and my family a one small room in a basement, shared bath.... But it would be in RUSSIA!

Tina in CT said...

I don't get it. Why do you want to move to Russia!

Annie said...

Tina, I just love the culture! After all I fell in love with Russian literature at age twelve, and haven't looked back!

I'd love to have the chance to become fluent....I was semi-fluent once, and have almost lost it.

I'd love for my children to have a real "foot in two countries".....rather than feeling like they don't really belong either place. Somehow I sense that the freedom to go back and forth would make them feel they belonged in both places. As it is I think the older two feel they are here, like it or not. Sergei is happy; Ilya misses his homeland, but both feel they have no choice in the matter.

Finally...and I know this does not really fit with Tamara's experiences....I really liked the simplicity of Russia. Not Moscow, but the smaller places - even Ivanovo. It felt good to not have so much to buy, so much to want. People walk. People talk to one another on the street. They shop at the tiny mom and pop store. They don't have huge wardrobes of clothing. (Or are not expected to have...)

Of course, not trusting the police is a big downside! Not being able to drink the water... Food fact, the lack of emphasis on safety at all, is a bit alarming. Still....I would love to have the chance...

JJJ - how about you?

Anonymous said...

i must admit: i live in a great town, great church and school, clean brand-new park close by.....and i miss russia and moscow like i never would have thought! why? for most of the reasons annie mentioned. through the challenges and craziness of it is still so cool! i guess that is it - it is cool, unexpected, totally different, and like no place on earth! i miss it and we'd go back in a second. i also miss you tamara, and love reading your blog and "living" through you!

miss you!

Anonymous said...

Your comments, Annie and Jeannie,are so interesting to read for me.
I spend good part of my 30 years in America crying over Russia. In my case it was Leningrad. At some point I stopped crying, I do not remember exactly when, may be in the middle of 30 years. About a year ago,somebody asked me at work if I am planning to return to Russia,perhaps when I retire. I was so surprised by the question, that I just did not know what to say, except to comment that if I did not fit there,why would I hope to fit in now.
I think I can understand what you like about Russia, it must be the same thing I was crying about.
There is a difference, I suspect, between living in Russia as an expat and as Russian citizen.
Another thing is, that all my experience is coming from Soviet Union, and may be quite outdated.
I have a feeling that the topic is too big for me (sort of War and Peace size).
Have a good time in Moscow.