Saturday, April 4, 2009

School This Week: Natalia

Natalia doesn't miss her old kindergarten at all; she's really happy to be learning at home with me and her babysitter, and to be attending preparatory classes at Katya's school in Russian.

Here are some samples of Natalia's work from those afternoon classes. I thought some of you might find it interesting to see what material is included. 

Here are some samples of the math they're doing:

This is what Natalia did yesterday during her English lesson with me. During the week she does assignments in workbooks to reinforce spelling, sight words, and handwriting, and we read at night. On Fridays, when I don't work until the afternoon, we go to a quiet cafe after dropping Katya off at school and we read out loud to each other. I test her reading comprehension and we talk about the book. Afterwards, I give her a writing assignment about what we read.

This is what she did yesterday after we read three chapters of "The Hidden Treasure," part of the "Nancy Drew Notebooks" series. She loved reading with me, but fought me tooth and nail about writing later on... 

She was in no mood to draw a picture, so I let her pick an illustration and made a photocopy. I also let her stop at three sentences... I'll encourage her to write more next time, though. Right now I'm just so thankful that she's excited about reading that I'm letting her take the lead.


Tina in CT said...

I'm very impressed with what Natalia is doing for a kindergartener. That is advanced math for her age IMO. I loved all the Nancy Drew books, as did you, so another generation gets to enjoy them.

I remember all the flashlight batteries you went through reading in bed after lights were suppose to be out.

Annie said...

She's doing great! I'm impressed. Now.....if you ever could slip some of those beginning reader workbooks into the bottom of your bag.... Nastya never learned to read and write in Russian. We decided to concentrate on spoken language, but I'd love to see her get started writing.

Lori said...

The math seems more on par with what my kids are doing in second grade. What a little smartie! And, what a stinker -- I can't believe she cut her hair!

Anonymous said...

It is very serious work Natasha is doing - good for her!

Debi Parker said...

I teach kindergarten in NC and was working on our class blog when I decided to see what I could find. How exciting when I found your site and saw you had a kindergarten student! She is doing a wonderful job! Tell her another teacher said she wished your daughter was in her class! : ) I have a terrific class and we would love to follow your blog to see what your daughter is doing in Moscow. Many of my students have never been out of NC, so this would be interesting to them. We'd love for you to go to our site and she could see some pictures of what we are doing, too. We don't blog daily (I'm new at this as I'm 51 and haven't taught for 8 yrs.), but we try to at least several times a week. We'd love to have you come visit our site! Again, tell your daughter she's very smart and doing a terrific job in her work! : )

Mrs. P. Kindergarten Teacher