Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Teaser for My Travelers

The city is really getting ready for Victory Day! This country goes all out for May 9th, the end of World War II. Billboards are all over, featuring patriotic pictures from the war. The one above says, "They were young." Posters hang in almost every shop window.

Planters and hillsides have magically been filled with flowers that are blooming -- basically overnight! It's unreal!

It's almost impossible to believe that exactly one week ago, I had to clear this from my windshield: 

... and this is what the ground looked like!

Welcome to our own little Slavic "Bizarro World'! Do not fear, my imminent house guests! The weather should be great while you're here: not too hot, not cold. 


Tina in CT said...

No matter what it is, I can't wait! It must be exciting to see the progress the city is undergoing each day. Let's hope the city turns the heat off inside the buildings so your mother doesn't melt.

Your mother

Anonymous said...

bring some t-shirts and flip-flops for inside.

Tina in CT said...

The Russian man that I spoke with today at work told me that you need to buy tickets to get into Red Square for the Victory Day Parade. Is that correct?

The Expatresse said...

I thought it was virtually impossible to get inside Red Square for the parades unless you are ultra VIP.

BUT, you can easily see the parade as it approaches and leaves Red Square. Last year we stood on Tverskaya north of the Garden Ring . . . not crowded and ringside seats. Great view of the planes (from the east side of the street).

Annie said...

We arrived in Moscow on May 3 once. People were wearing some Victory Day t-shirts and the whole trip my poor husband was trying to snag one. Never did.

WRGII said...

Good to hear everyone is doing well and that spring has arrived. I planted a peach and pear tree, one blueberry and raspberry bush, cantaloupe, etc.

Hope you can come and see our house!

How is CBert?

Rachael said...

There's something so clandestine and yes, bizarro, about how all the flowers are brought in and the whole city is decked out, even to the point of cloud seeding for good weather all for the sake of appearances. I LOVE it, though. Can't wait.

Tina in CT said...

I thought we wouldn't have any rain while we're there but the weather shows showers for one of the days. Low 60's to 70 - packing the capris. Rachael, sandals?

I'm still up. If you're up, give me a call.