Saturday, April 11, 2009

They're Coming!


"You're coming to Moscow, Grandma?!"


Last week I posted that there are round-trip tickets right now from New York to Moscow for $369... I never really thought anyone would decide to come... But lo and behold, we're going to have six guests at the beginning of May!

Rachael is coming with her daughter Katya and son Jack... This trip will be a great chance to revive K's interest in maintaining her fluency in Russian, and a wonderful chance to share her Russian heritage with her family. 

In addition to them, Rachael's mom is coming -- so my mom decided to come, too! 

It's gonna be interesting to have so many people in our apartment, but I'm sure we'll have a ball cramming as much as we can into our four days. Thankfully I'll be off from work because of the Victory Day holiday. 

As soon as I learned they were coming, I nabbed the last remaining seats for a performance of the ballet Gisele at the Bolshoi Theater... We'll also go to the circus, take in the Victory Day parades and fireworks, visit the Kremlin and many other places... The kids want to make more paper sculptures at Ogo-Gorod (Mir Dyetstva), play at Gorky Park and eat as much ice cream as possible.

Does anyone here in Moscow have any vegetarian restaurants that aren't expensive to suggest? I'm thinking we'll check out the new Thai place at Lubyanka and Darbar in the Sputnik Hotel. 

We'll go everywhere on foot, using the subway, since we can't fit in our car. As a result, I think the kids -- and adults! -- will be so darn exhausted that jet lag shouldn't be much of a problem...


Anonymous said...

You will have a ball and tree ring circus on the top!
Sounds great.

Rachael said...

I'm not sure who's more excited about the, my mom, your mom, the kids. Natalia looks SURPRISED. But, poor, poor, Chris. I hope he can bear it. :)

Jojo, Julz, Jules said...

There have been great rates to Russia and even my mom said We should GO!!
If my baby had her passport, you might have had 3 more visitors!!!
Is Rachel your family or a former expat?
How fun to have such a busy visit!!!

Annie said...

JJJ - I've always taken Sergei back just on his Russian passport and not had a problem. (Well, twice, and he's still with me.)

I was thinking of going in June (the rates are still quite low then to my astonishment!) But remembering the property taxes coming due in July put a sad stop to my daydreaming. But JJJ - you and your mom should go!

At the least I am hoping one of you dear travelers will take a package (small) to be mailed to Sergei's sister and Nastya and Ilya's brothers.

Tami said...

SO incredibly jealous, but also SO incredibly excited for you all. What a great time you will have! :) I expect pictures, lots of pictures! :)

Tina in CT said...

I can't wait! I just called Cecelia and we talked about our trip.

You and I need to talk about my Visa and getting it mailed early this week.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you that you will be having visitors! Happy Easter, I think of you often!! ~Donna D. in CA

Tina in CT said...

After speaking with you, Natalia and Cecelia today, I'm even more excited!!!!!

Off to Easter dinner....

Cindy Niles said...

What fun! You'll love having all those visitors. Enjoy!!

garnet said...

Love the expressions on Natalia's face and so happy for all of you! What a wonderful opportunity and I'm sure it will be a great time for everyone. And yes, I can quite imagine what it will like in the apartment -- though I am hopeful that yours is at least a wee bit bigger than some of my in-laws' places. The rooms look quite big. Whatever the case, it will create great memories.

Seraphina said...

We really like "Avocado". There is one across from Chisty Prudy and I hear another one has popped up around Tverskaya. You must check them out!