Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a Night... And Morning!


Katya, our night owl, actually fell asleep by 10:30 p.m., and Natalia's friend was asleep before then... 

But Natalia, and Katya's friend, were unable to fall asleep until 1:50 p.m.!!!! 


They weren't being talkative or misbehaving; they simply couldn't sleep... And I couldn't go to sleep until I'd had a chance to set out the egg hunt...


Everyone was naturally up by 6:45 a.m. to start the egg hunt. Of course.

Operating on very little sleep and irritable. Even though the clues/eggs went older girls/younger girls, so they could solve the riddles and search in pairs, it was a drawn-out session of rushing against each other, crying, screaming... 

Not exactly Easter-y.  (At least today isn't "our" Easter since we celebrated last Sunday, unlike the Orthodox Russians).  Not exactly what I had in mind as I scrambled to have equal surprises for FOUR kids instead of two, to create all the clues, and hide them at 2:15 a.m.

Our hunts have gone well when it's just my two... Four was two too many... 

Since some of you asked, here's the hunt... If you're familiar with girls' books and American Girl stuff, you'll be able to guess most of them. Writing clues such as these was how I first got Katya interested in reading; she was very reluctant to work on phonics when six and I was desperate to change that! It sure worked!

Each clue is inside a plastic egg filled with Easter M&Ms, Jelly Belly jelly beans, Nerds or Easter Hershey's Kisses. Random spots will have other extras, such as cute notebooks, chocolate chicks or sheep, lip glosses, lip gloss rings or mini packs of magic markers. At the end were some Littlest Pet Shop animals for all four girls. 

It's a story...

Of a lovely lady!

Whose show was really loved 

by your young mom.

She was always...

Sure to watch it...

And she knew you two would love it

all along!

(Behind our "Complete Brady Bunch TV Series" dvd collection).

She practiced for hours,

then taught the beginners' class...

Now it's time to study

so all her tests she'll surely pass!

(Under Mia's desk... Mia is a doll who comes with books about her life as a figure skater in a family with three boys who play hockey).

Flip it up, flip it down, 

it's comfy either way...

When your friends spend the night,

this is where they like to stay!

(Inside the sleeper couch in the kids' room).

So pretty, like the sky...

It came via Africa to match your eyes...

Next time you put it on,

feel around around for a wee surprise!

(Inside the pocket of the light blue coat passed down to Katya from Camille over at place2place). 

Daddy sets this every night,

before shutting his eyes...

No matter how loudly it beeps,

it never helps him rise!

(Behind Chris's alarm clock).

Way up in the air, 

like a branch from a tree...

this shades the younger one

as she falls fast asleep.

(Taped on the top of the big green leaf that hangs over Natalia's bed like a canopy).

This takes so long to use,

but it's better than washing it all by hand...

While helping out her mom,

Kit has to stand and stand.

(Inside the 1930's washing machine for their Kit doll).

Vanilla? Chocolate? 

What kind should she make? 

Lets hope that Ruthie

will really love her cake!

(Inside the 1930's oven for their Kit doll).

Here girl; come on!

Where are you, Grace? 

Let's go for a ride!

It's such fun to race!

(Inside the 1930's scooter for the Kit doll).

Has a clue fallen down here,

tucked deep inside?

Usually your remotes

pick this place to hide.

(Tucked deep inside the folds of the couch).

These aren't for shaving,

and they won't remove your hair...

They are, however, awfully fun--

when you want to go from here to there!

(Inside the basket where we keep our Razor scooters).

Before leaving for work,

she stuffs in this... that... everything!

She looks like a turtle...

What on Earth does she bring? 

(Inside the backpack/computer pack I use for work).

Hurry up, do you have 

everything you might use?

A swimsuit, a leotard,

shampoo or gym shoes?

(Inside girls' gym bag).

She found one sock...

but where are the others? 

Are they being used as hockey pucks

by her three playful brothers?

(Inside the Mia doll's drawers).

This just might be a place

where a fairy would hide

all her treasures and secrets--

locked safely inside.

(Inside the girls' Tinkerbell jewelry box).

These three girls are so clever...

They always know what to do...

You can count on these girls

to spot every single clue.

(Behind the Nancy Drew books).

Pretty soon you'll head west,

to this girl's expansive land...

Full of forests and adventures...

Will you catch salmon by hand?

(Inside the Native American Kaya doll's dress; my dad lives in the area portrayed in her books).

"No, thank you," she said,

not meaning to offend...

"I can't drink this beverage,

but I'll always be your friend."

(Behind the Colonial Felicity doll. Felicity, a Patriot, wouldn't drink tea with her Loyalist friend, Elizabeth)

Up high in the forest

where time can spin and whirl,

await countless adventures

for a special boy and girl.

(Behind the Magic Tree House books). 

Out in the dark night,

down below or from afar,

passers-by look up 

and admire this star.

(Inside a window decoration). 

Just a little bit of this

poured from a box

removes all the dirt

from the smelliest socks!

(In the laundry detergent).

Too bad they can't flush,

because the smell makes you gag...

Fill up their potty

with what's in this bag.

(On top of the kitty litter bag). 

Add some milk, heat it up...

It's ready so fast...

Full of berries and vitamins--

with cream added last!

(Inside the box of instant oatmeal). 

A girl's best friend,

with fur so soft and snowy white...

She can even keep your secrets

tucked safely inside!

(Inside the pocket of Katya's "Coconut the Dog: a Girl's Best Friend" pillow). 

You know you shouldn't use this,

but wish you could, day and night...

To make copies of your work

from every interesting site!

(Under a flap on our printer/copier).

When you're cold in your parents' bed,

you never need to freeze...

You open up your daddy's drawer

and put on one of these!

(Inside Chris's t-shirt drawer). 

If you pour in too much,

it could cause many troubles!

Just what do you do

when the room's filled with bubbles?

(In the basket in the bathroom where we keep the bubble bath). 

Look in this drawer 

to find my FAVORITE thing to munch...

How I love them when they're fresh,

For breakfast! Dinner! Lunch!

(In the drawer in the refrigerator where we keep the carrots).

What a life! What a laugh!

Can you believe it? Look at that!

He's so spoiled! He's so lucky!

What luxurious transport... for a cat!

(In the wicker doll carriage the girls use to take Lyalya, our cat, for rides around the apartment).

What a beautiful box,

cloud white...

bejeweled like a crown...

Katya's creation,

so full of beauty... 

creates a smile from any frown!

(Inside the ceramic box Katya made last fall at school).

Yay, it's such fun!

And so great on the plane!

Let us use it some more...

'Cuz it's good for the brain!

(In the case with the Nintendo DS game). 

This friend is so sweet, 

she can make her violin sing--

She packed up her bag

with what she needed to bring!

(In the bag Natalia's friend brought with her).

This friend has such ideas!

Magic shows! Zoos!

I've hidden something yummy

inside of her shoes!

(Inside the shoes that belonged to Katya's friend).

You must be adorable and little

if you want to fit in...

Or an agile cuddly hamster

to take their wheel for a spin!

(Inside the "Littlest Pet Shop" club house). 

When your mom and dad said, "I do!"

there was only sun and no rain...

They look so young and in love

in this pretty wooden frame.

(Behind the picture of Chris and me on the mantle). 

Such great fun for anyone

who would like to be a sleuth...

French? German? American? 

You could be busted.. Poof!

(On top of the "Spy Alley" game)


Rachael said...

Well, I give you an A for effort!

Annie said...

Sorry it didn't turn out as beautifully as you'd hoped.... Unfortunately, that is in the nature of children... Then, when you least expect it, they'll give you a lovely moment.

I don't do as many elaborate and "exciting" things with my Russians as I did with Aidan and Lydia. I could with Sergei and Zhen; they are very regulated. But Anastasia cannot handle special occasions well at all. I have to damp down holidays to very minor affairs to keep within the range of excitement and fun that she can tolerate. And somehow Maxim is always on the watch; he is afraid to be part of the family, and angry if he doesn't feel he is included enough. Ilya is simply a loose canon. No telling with him.

So, perhaps you saw the result of too many disparate personalities yourself.

Tina in CT said...

Fantastic clues! Too bad the other two were there on that particular morning. Oh well, next year will come.

Tami said...

What fun! Even without enough sleep it sounds like you're creating awesome memories for the girls! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is brilliant! Your clues are wonderful. And do not worry - what children do remember from any event we put so much effort in is not what we think they will remember.

The only book I know from your list of clues is The Magic Tree one - I bought it for Ben in London last year and read it before giving it to him. I loved it!