Monday, May 11, 2009

Guess Where We Went Today...

Obviously it made quite an impression on Katya P.! 

I KNEW IT WAS COMING... I sat next to her during the show, and I saw her eyes light up as she got all kinds of new ideas about what she could do to definitively turn her parents' hair grey!

I'll post more as we all recover from our whirlwind long weekend! 

I'll also post links to when Rachael and I met... At the Hard Rock Café kids' brunch, 2 years ago, when she had just adopted her Katya from St. Petersburg... My kids became her K's first American friends, and we got together during the rest of their stay in Moscow as they waited for K's visa and passport. 

We really became friends once they returned to America, but then met in the "blogosphere" as Rachael convinced me to begin "American Girls in Moscow." Yup, you should thank her for this blog! 


Sarah said...

The Moscow State Circus?

Is this girl in gymnastics? Cause if she's not then she should be!

Natalie said...

I heard it was the circus! How exciting. I hear it's pretty impressive and that they don't use nets like they do here in the states. I will have to remember to thank Rachael for convincing you to start blogging. She got us all here actually.

Annie said...

Wowee! Thank you Rachael! I love this blog! I love Katya's trapeze act, too. Potential there!!!

Lori said...

That was great that you got that on video, Rach really needs to put that girl in gymnastics.
Now that your company is gone I bet your ready to crash and sleep for a day. As soon as your rested get blogging, I can't wait to read about you guys' adventures. I'm sure Rach wont get around to it for a while as she will be seriously jet lagged and has to work 8 short hours after arriving home.
I think the story of how you guys met is so cool, and our moms becoming friends is pretty cool too. Especially since they were both big skeptics of the whole blog thing.

Shannon said...

Hard to believe the holiday is over already. What a great video you captured of Katya. Yes, that girl is a natural gymnast. I loved the commentary (laughing) in the background.
I'm glad Rachael talked you into the whole blog thing. This trip would have never happened if you hadn't posted about the JFK to Russia flight that was so affordable (oh, and lets not forget your mother getting our mother so excited about it too).
Glad between you and Rachael we got to hear what was going on during the visit. Now, we need to get you mom to start posting.

Tina in CT said...

As soon as I saw Katya's aerial act, I told Rachael that she needs to get Katya into gymnastics and that we'd all join your family when she is on the US Gymnastics Team representing the USA. That girl is a natural.

About the circus: Fantastic but Cecelia and I had some nervous moments. She was petrified that one of the aerialists would fall (no nets) and I was sure one of the tigers or lions would jump the netting (As Rachael said, it probably was nylon and for show.) and we were in the 4th row. But, I asked Tami if we could go when I come back for Christmas. It was just such a thrilling performance. I kept thinking that OSHA here in the US would just die though as would PETA.

Lori, we loved all of your clothing selections and I want to order the lavender/periwinkle travel knit top.

I am seriously thinking about starting a blog now that I have a digital camera. I am technically challenged so it'll have to wait until until Tami is here this summer to set it up for me.

OK, all of Rachael's sisters. The big reunion is at your Mom's and Bob's this August so I hope you all can drive out as we want to come up from CT and bring Diane too. What a fun time we all will have and all the kids can run, explore, roast homemade marshmellows, help in the garden, chase chickens and just be kids in the country. Plus, we'd get to meet all the rest of the sisters and kids. Isn't it amazing how all of these friendships evolved out of Tami and Rachel at the Hard Rock on the Old Arabat in April of 2007 and blogging!

Shannon said...

Tamara, does this mean you will be here in the USA with the girls too?

Tina in CT said...


Tami will be here at my house as the girls have day camp for 3 weeks. We all want to come up to visit and also bring Diane. Hope all your MI sisters and kids will be able to come.