Sunday, May 3, 2009

Playground Planter in Afternoon Sun

Isn't that neat? What a great way to recycle. The pastel ground was striking as I walked by.


Anonymous said...

what is being recycled? the old tire? you've never seen an old tire used as a planter before?!? have you ever been to Arkansas???? my home state! actually, there we use old tractor tires - they are bigger! haha!

miss you!

p.s. yes, this is *very* common practice, but i don't like it....

Tina in CT said...

Remember when you were younger that we had several of them down by the street at the beach cottage? Mine were black and bigger and the top was cut like a zigzaw. When I look back on them, I realize that they were tacky.

Olga said...

People use them in the South as well, but usually painted white.

Tina in CT said...

Just spoke with Cecelia. Her home email is still down so I said that I'd leave a message on your blog. She has received Athleta, Hanna, one bike helmut, Italian book and 6other things from Amazon. No scooters. Did you order them? Is that everything you ordered? Let me know so I can email her. If you want her to make any calls about deliveries, let her know. She also wants to know if you need peanut butter or anything else that she could bring over.

Tell Katya that I have 2 Hardy Boy mysteries and lots of your Nancy Drew books in my carry-on.

I'm packed!!!!

Christine said...

How pretty! I wonder if we will see that in Ukraine.

Tina in CT said...

Just heard from Cecelia:

1. helmut from Amazon
2. AG stuff
3. Littlest Pet Shop (2)