Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ciao da Italia!

I'm without internet here*, but managed to get on the hotel's private computer for a few minutes... I'm so used to living in Moscow, that I had forgotten the initial culture shock when I lived in Italy. You know, how time is all relative... How you can never really count on anything working or getting done quickly...

All is fine, though!

All one hundred of us arrived safely and the kids are having a lot of fun. That says a lot, considering that we didn't see any sun for the first three days. It RAINED. Cold, dark, downpours. ALL THE TIME. Oh, did I mention that I didn't pack raincoats? Yeah, I know, not too swift on my part.

I also have Strepp throat, which started the day before we left, but I had chalked up to simple fatigue. Luckily the school doctor came with us, bringing a mini pharmacy along with him! I'm well on my way to recovery.

The girls are having fun, and that's what really matters! I'm enjoying my teaching, too. Last night was the "Opening Ceremony" and my students put on the camp skit that so many of you must know... The one where one person hides behind another, inserting his arms in the first person's sleeves. The first person then tries to pour a drink, brush his teeth, put on lip gloss, talk on the phone, etc... It was a HOOT and the kids all loved it; they'd never seen such a skit before.

*I'm purposely not giving out any specifics about our itinerary for safety reasons, but we're based in a town on the western coast, travelling around to sight see and basically creating a summer camp for the kids at our hotel.


Anonymous said...

What safety reasons?

Tina in CT said...


Safety reasons? Of course, you would not want it out there in the open for anyone to read where you are located. Ah, predators out there!

Tamara's mother

Tina in CT said...

I remember when Shari and Karen did the skit for the LP Talent Show and how Mary laughed so much as she'd never seen it done. Glad that everyone is having a good time but bummer about the lousy weather the first 3 days. Hopefully that was it for the duration of the trip so that you can enjoy the water.

Annie said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm skit-deprived; I really have not seen such a thing myself.

Isabelle said...

hi and welcome to Italy !
have a nice day under the sun (realy bad whather this year though...)