Saturday, June 20, 2009


One day while in Italy we arranged for a "Pizza School" for the kids. Early in the afternoon, the kids all came and watched while the chef mixed the ingredients for the dough. I was the translator and I had the kids do the math for the ratios of flour, water, salt and yeast. Once the dough was mixed, the chef gave each child a small piece of dough that had already been prepared. 

It was then time to practice forming a perfect pizza crust... Or, perhaps, to adorn oneself with flour... The kids were covered by the time we left! Good thing we had ordered personalized aprons for them as a special souvenir!

This little boy was SO cute. He and Natalia used to go to kindergarten together and he was an equally adorable four-year-old... As I took the following picture, he asked, in all seriousness, "Мне получается?" Oh!!!!! That translates, roughly, as "So, am I doing OK?"

All of the kids had a blast!

That evening, we all went to the hotel's pizzeria. The kids shaped individualized pizzas from the dough we had made, then put on the tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmigiano, olive oil and basil. They made "Pizza Margherita," the pizza named in honor of the queen and with the colors of the Italian flag. 

Natalia even got to put hers into the brick oven because the chef realized that she was my daughter! 

One minute later, the pizzas were ready and the chefs were SO proud. You could hear them on the phone with their parents later that night: "Mom! Dad! I did it all by myself!" It was wonderful to hear, since that's the whole goal of our summer camp: helping kids to develop independence.

Twenty-two little chefs in the kitchen... It was much crazier when all the older kids had their pizza lesson!


Rachael said...

The finished product looks delicious!!

Anonymous said...

I love home made pizza!

katbat said...

what great pictures!!

The Expatresse said...

Now I'm hungry!

Annie said...

Those DO look delicious!

I am really amazed at such young children going to another country to study! Wow! What an adventure.