Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glassblower of Murano

While in Italy, I really gobbled up the beautiful glass work... Whether it was the beautiful necklaces made of Murano glass beads, or chandeliers hanging in royal palaces, I loved it all. I was able to bring some necklaces home with me, my two favorites being these below:

Antica Murrina Cancun Necklace Multi
Antica Murrina Frida Necklace Multi-Silver

My Murano jewelry is so pretty and I love it! I'm so thankful I was even able to get it; we were on such a tight schedule of sightseeing that I barely managed to run into the shop in Rome while the kids were all browsing in a shop featuring wooden toys à la Pinocchio. 

As for the chandeliers? Um, no. They didn't quite fit in my suitcase--or budget.

I was, however, able to read all about them--and the history of glassblowing in Venice--in a delightful novel, The Glassblower of Murano, by Marina Fiorato. I loved it.  Read it and you'll be transported to Venice in the days of King Louis XIV and the glorious era of Venetian glassmaking... I couldn't put it down as the modern-day heroine discovered her ancestor's secrets and developed her own talent. 

The Glassblower of Murano

Here is a video I found on youtube of Caserta, the palace in Naples where I took the pictures above.


Tina in CT said...

Would you please leave the book for me to read?

Anonymous said...

I love Venetian bids, both Katya and I have one each from long time ago.
And I know the Pinocchio shop!
Last time we were in Rome we took a picture of it and Yuli made a birthday card for Ben using the photo. Ben was in Pinocchio stage at that time.

Annie said...

The necklaces are amazing.

Rachael said...

Love the necklaces. And, glad you're back from your hiatus. I missed your posts! I was gonna have to email you and say what's up, but now I see you're behind on those too. Well, welcome back!