Saturday, July 4, 2009

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Happy 4th of July!

The girls have certainly been "pursuing happiness." In fact, they're out doing that right now while I'm, um, packing up our suitcases (and not blogging). 

I'm amazed at the array of amazing playgrounds to choose from in America... It's not just Portland, although we've found some FANTASTIC spots here. Every city we've lived in America has great parks, playgrounds and places for children... Places that are cheerful, functional, safe and often eco-friendly. Places that engage children into the tween years.

We have some great parks in Moscow, too... But the top American ones are in a whole other league...

Here are some scenes from our favorite playground in Sandy, Oregon. My aunt and uncle were instrumental in getting it built and I thank them whole-heartedly!

You can't tell from my pictures, but the swing areas for small and older children are separated by a fence; there's no way little kids can inadvertently step in front of older ones who are pumping high. Genius!

Can't you just picture parents hanging out there, with some coffee and/or infants in tow?

Even Grandpa got in on the act!


Tina in CT said...

Fantastic playground. Neat the Bob and Doris had such involvement in getting it built?

Were you at their house today?

Rachael said...

That picture made me do a double take: we have a park about 20 minutes from us that is almost that exact same design! I seriously thought you guys were HERE for just a second.

Annie said...

For some reason my children are never as delighted with those wooden playgrounds as I am. I usually try to find some reason to traverse the whole thing myself.

Though last summer, Anastasia started playing every day on the wooden structure on the school playground; it became her dolls' apartment dwelling. That was lovely play, day after day - until they decided to destroy it to put up something "better" (better for BOYS, some athletic sort of thing). My poor little Nastya stood out there watching them tear " my apartment house" down with tears streaming down her face. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor volunteers (two nice men) who had both raised the money and were then doing the work.... Just what they wanted! To make a child sob! I went out and tried to explain "She's had a lot of loss in her life..." Usually try not to refer to that - but those poor men! Somehow the moment I said it, I realized it really wasn't helping at they were devastating an ORPHAN, moreover!