Thursday, July 30, 2009

New England Teacher v. Moscow Teacher

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I actually liked them all. I am so odd, literally split in how I think... I could equally picture myself in either footwear to go to work. Part of me still identifies with comfy cool shoes for teaching in America, while I'll automatically reach for the sexy heels for teaching in Moscow (and my heels are still WAY tamer than those of my students and colleagues). 

The dichotomy is also evident in my suitcases... Without realizing it, I packed "Moscow" clothing for the summer here. I basically packed what I'd worn during summer camp with the school in Italy, not realizing that "that's not how you dress" in suburban America... A few quick trips to the Gap and Banana Republic factory outlets remedied the situation... 

Any other expats out there experience this? It goes much deeper... I literally feel different in the different countries sometimes... 


Tina in CT said...

Wonder what happened as I left a comment. Here it is:

I like Exhibit A but then I'm a "burb" grandma.

Anonymous said...

That is my answer to any shoe question. I refuse to suffer!
And at one point in my life, I remember, I actually owned a pair of high heels with little bow ties on the back of the heel from Peter Keiser. I do not remember wearing them too much,but owning them was fun.

Annie said...

What a funny post. I love the photos - and, actually, like you I love ALL the shoes.

I only know that I got such a thrill out of dressing "Russia" when we were there this past time. OK - I am crazy about comfortable shoes, but that time I dressed for the "occasion" (or country) and didn't have to worry so much when my friends insisted on my paying the Russian person fee when we visited museums. With flats (and no hat) I felt I was SO obviously NOT Russian.

Really, after day. I guess that IS one nice thing about teaching in the US.

Julianne said...

Hey I really want to chat with you when you have some time...I want to get my resume to you.
Still keeping the dream alive!
Looks like you are having fun this summer!

Annie said...

Julianne....You definitely have it bad; contemplating the heels even gets you longing to teach in Russia.

Well, me, too.

Anonymous said...

he he he :))))... I really hope you're joking or at least exaggerating, because Exhibit A shoes look way too "toddler girl" and Exhibit B ones scream "high-class hooker" :)).. Call me close-minded, but I don't think a teacher should be wearing either.. to work that is..