Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Unintended Hiatus

Yeah, I'm back in "Blogland." I never intended to go for three weeks without writing... It just kind of happened. I've been sick and simply exhausted since arriving in the USA, only now feeling peppier... I look forward to getting caught up on everyone's blogs and to sorting through old emails now that the girls are in camp for a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back!
I was worried about your "no-blog" stretch.

Annie said...

It IS nice to have you back. I missed you. You have not exactly been having a restful summer. I hope you can relax at your mom's house and get thoroughly well.

katbat said...

welcome back to blogland! hope you have a relaxing time while the girls are at camp!

AdoptaMama said...

I've missed you. ;) Welcome back.

One Green Beryl said...

Oops! I wrote to you earlier tonight and asked you to look for fabric in Russia if you felt so inclined! I guess I was so thrilled to read about your fabric exploits in Russia that I missed your "Unintended Hiatus". Well, I hope you are well and rested! Welcome back to the U.S!

I hope you are well and that the girls have a wonderful time at camp!