Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a Busy Girl...

I've kept meaning to post these lists I found from while we were in Colorado at my in-laws' home...  Natalia and the boy next door made them, adding where they would do each thing.They were INSEPARABLE, filling their days without the constraints of adults' schedules, wandering back and forth between our homes. That was HUGE for my kids; living in cities all their lives, they've never had the freedom to just go outside without a parent (and the other sibling)... Read carefully to the last item on that first list... We're in for it!

1. Very early exercise.
2. Mornings hot tub.
3. Play with dogs.
4. Get a soda.
5. Get a snack.
6. Watch TV.
7. Play at Andy's.
8. Mini games.
9. Go to bed.
10. Sneak to Andy's backyard. (!!!!)

I like the "secret agents" in the list above...

Enjoying treats from the ice cream truck, a true American experience...

Natalia had so much fun with those sweet boys who live next door to my in-laws...


Tina in CT said...

You're in for it!

Rachael said...

Oh goodness, that is darling.

Our kids are going to have so much fun playing together this weekend.

Wonder how much trouble they'll get themselves into?!

Tina in CT said...

Tami's girls have never really experienced rural living, the old barn, huge garden, orchard, all the dogs running around (your mom's 3, mine and probably Shannon and Ryan's), homemade ice cream and lots of kids. It'll be so much fun. The kids will pick up from where they left off in May. They'll quickly feel at home with Kristen, Ben, Madeline and all the others.

Annie said...

How cute. Not exactly experts at "sneaking" are they?