Friday, July 3, 2009

You Can't Take the "Moscow" out of the Girls...


So what have my kids loved most about their time in Oregon? (Other than playing with their cousins and being with their grandpa, of course...)

Having a snowball fight! On July 3rd, no less! I don't think these girls could ever live in a tropical climate after their Russian childhoods... We had intended to go hiking near the top of Mount Hood; the trails, however, are still completely covered in snow! I'm glad we did this; I still remember how magical it was to play in the snow at Crater Lake in Oregon in the middle of the summer when I was six or seven.

It's not quite fair to label their play a snowball "fight"; it was more of a "Let's clobber Grandpa while he just stands there!"-sort-of-a-deal! 




I LOVE this picture! Look at the expressions on Natalia and my dad's faces!

Quote of the day? That would go to Natalia, as she cried in indignation: "Hey! This snow is so cold on my hands!" Really. Never would have thunk it...

Last, but not least, the girls had fun "meeting" Smokey the Bear... I remember always seeing him in my "Ranger Rick" magazines as a child. 


Tina in CT said...

The snow your father and I saw when you were a baby and we were leaving CA to drive to OR to visit his family before moving back East was a lot deeper and everywhere. It was the end of June and weird to see it.

What's wrong with Natalia's knees that they are bandaged?

Beautiful day here (FINALLY) with no rain. Not hot, dry air and sunny with puffy clouds. The puppy and I were outside all afternoon.

What are you doing for the holiday today?

Annie said...

I remember this from my Colorado childhood!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures from Oregon look so great - it makes me want to go and visit. I have never been to West cost, except in California.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July to all!

Anton said...

Wow, great blog - and excellent pictures!

Hope you're enjoying your time in Moscow - the city can be harsh sometimes, but nothing you couldn't handle ;)

..and what beautiful girls you have!