Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beware of Birds!

"Hi! Can you see me?"

I know that most postmen look out for overly zealous dogs...

Ours needs to watch out for the mamma bird who made a nest in the mailbox beneath ours! 

If you look carefully, here you can see Mamma resting on top of all the boxes, surveying the scene before deciding it's safe to go get her babies some food.

Here she is arriving with some food for her babies. At least someone is cleaning up the neighbor's yard! (Tee hee...) She has managed to gather quite a bit from there!

This is what the nest looks like. I think there are two babies inside.

Here they are with their mouths wide open!

You really do need to be careful when you pull up to get the mail; if you surprise the mother, she flies straight out! I wonder if she's almost flown into anyone's car! I know she sure has given my mom a fright... When the girls and I arrived two weeks ago, she was still putting finishing touches on her nest. Katya and Natalia wish we had managed to see the babies when they first hatched.


Tina in CT said...

Imagine my utter surprise twice when I pulled up in the car with my window down to get my mail and something flies out. I was so scared that the bird had flown into my car. She had to hang a sharp 45 degree right to avoid flying into my car. Each time I drive up for the mail, I wonder if she'll be coming out.

I will have to walk up to the mailbox house to see if I get a glimpse of the babies. Tamara and the girls were across the street in their car and she used her zoom lens on her camera to get the pictures.

Annie said...

How delightful! Whenever I put out a hanging basket birds make a nest in it, which causes my husband to refuse to water it, lest the birds be distressed...then I have a basket of dead flowers that I have to leave hanging there until the birds have flown. So, I stopped getting the baskets... They still love our house. Every little bird is a miracle.

Anonymous said...

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Tina in CT said...

Since I called you iphone and it rang here, this is the only way to reach you. It's 10:55. Wondered when you and the girls will be back?

Anonymous said...

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Tina in CT said...

The baby birds have grown up and left home so momma bird decided to move too. Monday when I checked the nest, the two babies were outside of it and popped back in after seeing me. They were good size Carolina Wrens. Yesterday after work, I checked the nest while getting my mail and couldn't see anything inside. Same tonight after work so I think on Monday they were testing the outside world and their mother must have told them it was OK to begin their lives in the big world and off they flew. I miss seeing them.

Ju said...

That is so cool! Did you actually see the baby birds up close? When the birds are newly hatched they're not as cute when they're a bit older(they gtow feathers later, duh)=)