Saturday, August 29, 2009


This is NOT chocolate cake, although it's extremely delicious! A friend made it for dinner this week, explaining to me that it was made from flour ground from the "cheryomsha," what I took be a fruit, from her town in Siberia. 

Believe me, it's yummy. It's also crunchy. She made the icing from sour cream. I love getting to try completely new things!

Imagine my surprise when I looked up the word on the internet, learning that it translates as "ramson," a wild relative of chives, a type of wild garlic! Not only do I love it,  but so do wild boars and bears!

Лук медвежий


Annie said...

Well... I need more! What did it taste like? Was that the flour? Was there another flavoring? And the sour cream icing - I'd like more about that, too.

Your demanding reader.

Tina in CT said...

I've been calling and calling for two days and figured the internet was down and viola. Please call.

katbat said...

I will have to ask leo about it- he is from a town just over the Urals (krasnoturinsk)

Colette D. said...

That sounds really tasty!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely a mistake, as the cake displayed is made not from the "cheryomsha" (cheremsha, to be correct) but from the "cheryomuha" that is a different thing, a kind of wild cherry (Prúnus pádus).

Anonymous said...

that was my first understanding too. And not the flower but the black jam is made from cheroymucha (or whatever you call it). I think this berry is called chock-berries in US. It grows on small treas and the fruits are hanging like little grape clusters. Is it what you are referring to?

Here in US the birds get to it so fast, that humans have no chance.