Monday, August 3, 2009

Country Kitchen (A Meager Sampling)

Rachael always joked that when at her mom's, you eat, clean up from eating, and then start planning what you're going to eat at the next meal. She didn't exaggerate!

Bob baked bread and pies, even doing all the clean-up, too! I don't think that would ever happen in my house...!

Cecelia made the yummiest marshmallows. I'll have to make them with the girls! 

Here are some other things we've had since arriving:

taco salad fixings with raspberry lemonade

snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies

homemade raspberry and mini chocolate chip ice cream

homemade marshmallows, later roasted and used in s'mores

eight loaves of wheat bread, blueberry pie, pumpkin pie, peach pie

homemade corn chowder (the kids helped pick the corn from the field)

I've missed taking pictures of the blini we had for breakfast, maple walnut ice cream (made from their own maple syrup), and eggplant low-cal lasagna. YUM!


Tina in CT said...

I think I've gained 5 lbs!

Natalie said...

Oh that all looks so good! I miss my mom and Bob's cooking! I always feel fat when I leave there; but I always take full advantage and make up for it when I get home because it isnt every day you get that kind of home cooked food.

katbat said...!!! all looks yummy!!!

The Expatresse said...

Ummmmm. Pie! Pumpkin pie!

garnet said...

Taco Salad? I know haystacks when I see them! I couldn't wait to have haystacks this summer with Fritos rather than tortilla chips -- and we consider ourselves lucky when we find tortilla chips.

It's this time of year that I miss living in upstate New York. (January to April not so much.)

Francie said...

I was just going to say the same thing about the "haystacks!" haha

Annie said...

Looking at that makes me feel like I haven't had nice food in months....and I don't think I have! "Homemade" is just not the same when you are the one who made it....well, OK - especially when I am the one who made it.... Nothing as lovely as that.

Elle J said...

Your friends amaze me!! I love reading her blog and now seeing you there makes it even more real. Do they leave any detail out? Doesn't look like it. What fun. :)

Tina in CT said...

Elle: Yes, it was such a good time catching up with friends and the kids had a ball together playing, running in the fields and exploring in the barn.

My dachshund loved the freedom when she was out running around with the kids and dogs. She doesn't get that at home.

Visiting Cecelia and Bob means extra pounds as they love to cook and bake and everything is so delicious!

Fioleta said...

Oh my, all that food looks so great.

Anonymous said...

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