Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everything's Apples

Many streets in Moscow are lined with apple trees. It's lovely... You can see many people happily helping themselves to some free fruit, particularly around the university where there are plenty of hungry students on a tight budget! 

It makes me think of a podcast I heard on NPR the other day, about the bounty of blackberries in Seattle. They talked about while many love the luscious rich berries, for most of the year the prickly bushes are an eyesore and hassle. 

Hmm.. So here are all these apples that fall to the ground before someone happily picks them. The city tries to stay on top of the "rotten apple situation," having neighborhood workers gather them and remove them before they attract bugs and vermin.

Then again, before we know it, we'll have our first frost and you won't be able to go outside without a warm coat...

p.s. Here's a sign you might want to pay attention to. "Oкрашено" means "wet paint" (or "painted"). 


Tina in CT said...

With all the poverty there, what a shame to see the damaged fruit on the ground. I imagine there are lots of bees with spoiled apples around.

Hard to believe that in a month you all will be wearing jackets and we'll be enjoying the best weather of the year in CT.

Sara said...

That's awesome. I have to pay to pick apples here in MI.