Friday, August 28, 2009

A New Use for Tub Tints!

Every so often you go to take a shower (or bath), and the water comes out orange. Or nearly so. It's quite disgusting. Sometimes you can just let the water run for a while, and whatever was in the pipes clears out. Sometimes it doesn't. 

And you need to bathe anyhow. 

I frankly just shut my eyes and forget about it. 

The girls don't. "If the water ain't clear, they won't go near"... 

Enter "Tub Tints"!

Crayola Color Bath Dropz - 3 Pack

The girls have simply been excited to be pampered with orange baths this week, thinking they have been a big treat since Katya has pneumonia. They're, uh, not quite right!

These colored tablets turn water that looks like this:

...into this!

And they're NONE the wiser!

"Yay!" for moms with leftover preschool supplies...


Annie said...

That's funny; you are the clever one! I lived in - of all places (considering where I'm sharing this) - Moscow, Idaho...and the water was at least that orange ALL the time. I don't know what it was - the pipes or the city's water, or what. I was living in a downtown hotel the sign on which read [really] HOT L MOSCOW.

I didn't mind the water at all - except to drink - but it was annoying how it colored all the tubs and sinks and anything else it touched, orange.

Anonymous said...

we were always so impressed with all the fun bath toys your girls had ;) those were the days...

miss you!

traveler one said...

I remember that water in Bucharest... I used to tell myself it was a mud bath beauty treatment!