Monday, August 3, 2009

Talk about a Full-Service Host... And an Unpaid Advertisement for "Shout" and "Oxy Clean"

I just had to take a picture of Cecelia last night as she sat on the floor, squirting "Shout" stain remover onto my kids' blackened shorts, socks, shirts and even underwear... I wanted to do it myself, but she smiled and insisted that she truly enjoys getting things clean... (Um, so glad we brought some really nice hostess gifts that we knew she would like a lot!)

We can now get Oxy Clean in Moscow; when we first moved there, I used to have to bring it back... I even smuggled some in among the items we initially shipped in 2004; I concealed it in Costco-sized bottles of baby powder. 

I am truly amazed at how clean our laundry emerged! Behold! These socks were black on bottom!




Natalie said...

Yeah, the down side to that... those kids will be wearing the same clothes for a long time. Good for you, bad for them:) I wore clothes fast through 4 other girls!

Rachael said...

Now that you guys have left, she is doing a load for me!

Funny, though, my kids clothes weren't near as dirty as yours! My kids must have been instructing yours to roll around in the dirt and then watching from the sidelines? I can't explain it. =)

We had SO much fun catching up with you guys though. It was great to see you. I hope your trip home was uneventful.

Annie said...

I know - using Oxyclean gives me such a thrill it is embarrassing. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Have you tried the little white sponges that are advertised to get marks off the wall? THEY are equally AMAZING! I use them for a lot of things - and they clean things that I have almost given up well as doing miracles on the walls, as advertised. I think the original ones are Clorox? (Not sure...but I buy the generics and they do the trick and then some.)

Lori said...

Has she sold you on spot shot yet? That is the best carpet cleaner ever, nothing else even comes close.
I love shout, it gets all kinds of stains out, even Ben knows that. One day I was at Rach's and she was spraying something with Shout, and I said "that is the best stain remover ever" and Ben said "no, the stuff in the blue bottle is better" Apparently Shout makes a super duty version for extra tough stains (in a blue bottle) that I wasn't aware of, funny that Ben was though.

Tina in CT said...

I'll have to follow Ben's advice and get some of that.

Tina in CT said...
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Dia said...

OMG I had the same thing happen with Shout plus OxyClean....A stubborn stain on a beautiful Lacoste polo came out in the US after having been laundered and ironed several times in Thailand.
All hail!

Anonymous said...

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