Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scenes from the Dacha

Homing pigeons trained by the boy's grandfather.

Two weekends ago (yeah, I'm still catching up, people...), Katya was well enough to join her class for a big birthday party at a boy's dacha. Ten kids in her class are born over the summer, so the parents threw one big party. She was SO happy to spend time with her friends again!

There were bright red apples literally popping off the trees. Some of us returned to the city with bags full! Other friends keep bringing us apples from their dachas, too. We're eating lots of applesauce!

Their cat had kittens a month ago, five of them... They are just SO cute... My girls, of course, pleaded for us to bring home one to join our gang... But no. Two is enough. They can be content to look back at this cute picture!

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