Friday, September 18, 2009

Some Sisterly TLC

Natalia has been home sick since last Thursday, meeting with the same fate as her sister at the beginning of the school year... Bronchitis that teetered on the edge of pneumonia. She has been so sad to miss all these days of school, especially now that first graders get to stay all day and participate in after-school activities. 

Her classmates really miss her, too; they've sent home get-well cards and stop me in the hallways to inquire when she'll be back. Their drawings were precious, even including broken hearts! It's quite impressive how those 6-year-olds determinedly sounded out and wrote "выздоравливай!" ("Vuizdoravlivay!"/"Get Well!")

Tomorrow is the school picnic in a Moscow forest, and she won't be able to go... I'm so sad for her, since she loved the event when Katya was in first grade (last year the weather didn't cooperate, so it was cancelled). 


Tina in CT said...


It's Grandma Streusel. I'm sorry that you are still sick and at home. Wish I could send you a get well gift.

Love you!

Grandma Streusel and Liesel

Olga said...

Poor Natalia.
I hope she will get well soon.

Tina in CT said...

Was this the same area where a dead body was found?

How was the outing yesterday?

Poor Natalia that she's sick and couldn't go.