Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Project for My Creative Friend?

Check out this adorable book cover I found in a local bookstore last week... While I didn't exactly need it, I instantly thought of my friend Rachael--and all the homemade items she sews to raise money for orphans in St. Petersburg--so I picked out this one in part so I could take lots of inspiring photos! I know you've got quite a bit of Russian fabric left over... The bigger question is, how would you ever find the time to use it?!

The thick elastic can be used to hold the book closed or to mark a page.

View of cover folded.

Cover fully extended.

Book cover in use!


Rachael said...

Those are very cute! Just what I need...another project! :)

Tina in CT said...

Maybe a good project for next fall's Etsy store. The book covers are really cute.

Can you buy me one for Diane?

Anonymous said...

Hi! We've never "met" but I've been following your blog off and on since last year, when I stumbled upon your site while searching for something in Moscow (don't remember what)before moving here for work. I just wanted to tell you that your daughters are lovely and you seem like a very sweet family.

Since I'm in Moscow now, I have to ask: Which store did you get the cute book cover at? -Allie