Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Du Pareil Au Même

A fantastic French children's store, Du Pareil Au Même (also known as DPAM), opened up a few shops in Moscow over the summer. Their stuff is GREAT, similar to Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, Gap Kids or Old Navy in the USA. If you're lucky enough to buy their clothing in France, the prices are very reasonable. Elsewhere? Well, it gets more expensive once you add on all the import taxes...

Even so, their prices here in Moscow still set them solidly within the lower tier of prices when it comes the local market. Their designs are colorful, original and fun, with an emphasis on soft cotton knits and velour. They have a good line of basics (jeans, tees, socks, tights, underwear, swimsuits year round, sweatsuits, leggings, pajamas and jackets) and a rotating selection of nice kids' fashion items. I personally love all the French language that appears in the designs...

A very good friend from college is French and lives in Paris with her sons; we used to shop for each other when there were sales and we'd send each other packages in exchange. I shopped for her at Old Navy, and she sent me lovely little girls dresses from this shop... The stuff LASTS.

I picked up this velour nightgown for Katya today. It is soooo soft and she's tickled pink! Literally :-)


Katya also loves this velour pj set for boys that features a knight theme; it's very cool how the sword detaches. How I'd love to send it to our friends Ben and Nikita in Melbourne, Australia!


I got this dress for her last month and it's one of her favorite outfits for school, a cotton and angora knit, with some matching knee highs.


I have no need for baby girl clothing, but isn't this cow velour outfit adorable?

Running set

I also love these little girl outfits that were in the store window:

This boy's velour suit is much cuter in person; the green is more kelly green than puce, and there's a baby monster coming out of the egg pocket.



Tina in CT said...

Love the outfits!

Rachael said...

So cute! Lucky you!

Katya said...

OMG! I HAVE to see if they have one of those around here!!! Those PJs are unbelievable. Nik would live in them!!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing about knight's PJs - they are better that the knight costume we got Nik in London - definitely more useful and at lasting fun.

Tina in CT said...

Please take me to that store with the girls when I'm there.

I could always bring home the pj's for Nik and mail them to Olga when I get back from Moscow if there isn't a store in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that store! We found it in Paris last year! I wish they would come to America! Lucky you!

Heather Benza said...

We have an almost 4 month old named Angus. I just LOVE the cow suit, wish we had that store in the States.

Annie said...

I just saw this post again. I LOVE these clothes. Oh, woe!