Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween from Edinburgh!

With my colleague on Royal Mile, a main pedestrian street in the center of the city.

I arrived in Edinburgh today with a group of students from our high school; we're here for the week of school vacation to tour the local universities and see the city. So far, we're all rather smitten! What a beautiful "small" city! There's such a distinct feel to the place, one full of local pride and hospitality. This city definitely welcomes guests and you can easily tell why so many students choose to call it "home" for four years. What a welcome change it must have been for Princes William and Harry.

We didn't get to see too many children decked out for Halloween; those we did were cute little witches, cats or pirates. What we did see were throngs of college students out to have a great time! My colleagues and the students were in a wee bit of culture shock taking it all in!

At one point a group of college kids staged a scary fight near this phone booth. Two little kids (a pirate and a ghost) then broke away from their parents and ran towards the college kids, determined to scare them to death and chase them away! The older ghouls were such good sports about it, really playing along. Those little kids returned MOST triumphantly to their parents, convinced they had been too frightening to handle.

I noticed that many of the costumes--and store decorations--were inspired by cheeky British humor! Check out this rotating display in a store window:

Today I'll have a chance to take pictures by daylight; I can't wait! We're spending the whole day sight seeing. I think I'm going to just start taking a reserve of antibiotics I have; I can feel bronchitis developing and it hurts (I've never had a chance to recover from being ill earlier this fall).

My girls, meanwhile, are getting their first chance to celebrate Halloween in America (the last time they did that, they were 3 and 1). They're with their dad at his parents' house. I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!


The Expatresse said...

Wondered how you managed being mom and chaperon at the same time. We have two weeks off now, but Spouse too busy to leave and I feel guilty going off somewhere fun without him (plus, I don't like playing Single Parent).

Enjoy Scotland. I've been to Glasgow, but never Edinburgh. How's the accent?

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween!
Edinburgh looks nice even at night.

Rachael said...

How fun! Sounds like you will have a fantastic trip!

Derrick and I will be in London on Friday. I judge from the way you're dressed that I need to pack a warmer coat than I'd planned, though.

Tina in CT said...

I loved Scotland but only was in Holy Loch at the US Naval Submarine Base. Your dad has been to Edinburgh.

Make sure you have a meal at a pub with fish and chips with malt vinegar. Fantastic.

Have a great time.

Not surprised something ill is brewing in your system and you did not allow yourself a proper recovery. Sure hope you don't get sick. Go to a walk-in clinic if you need to.

Tina in CT said...

Contractor just came (fried of Diane's) about the roof. - Ouch!

Annie said...

Have a blast! Looks like fun - except I am so sorry you are ill...or verging on it. That will ruin the best time.