Saturday, October 3, 2009

"I Don't Agree!"

The cats are the only ones around here that are truly excited about the reappearance of down parkas!

It got cold here last week. Really cold. All of the sudden it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We went from an exceptionally warm autumn period (autumn only lasts about a month and a half here) into "Uh-oh, winter's coming..." mode. 

As I scrambled to get us all out the door in the morning, I realized we needed warmer coats. Drat, drat, drat... WHICH container/bag/box are they all hidden in? I still haven't found all of Natalia's stuff--but will need to today. 

In any case, I made Natalia wear some layers to make up for not having her down coat yet. We also put on hats and scarves. Natalia had NOT been expecting that. She fought and fought, finally making her way--angrily--to the elevator. Katya and I hurried to the car and were busy getting school bags put away, seat belts on, etc....

Then I realized that Natalia was standing beside her car door, fuming. She was so upset that she was crying and shaking with rage. I went over to calm her, only to catch her kicking the car wheel--while shouting, "I hate snow! I hate winter! I DON'T AGREE!"

Poor kid. The tears were streaming down her face. And it hasn't even snowed yet. (It should within the week). Wonder if she'll end up choosing to move to warmer year-long climate when she grows up... If you do, Natalia, pick a fun place to visit. I couldn't take such weather 360 days a year (our two years of living in Texas with no winter were WEIRD for this New England gal), but I sure wouldn't mind being your guest!

*About the whole "agree" thing: it does sound a bit odd in English to add that at the end of a tirade. I think she did it because she's used to hearing friends at school say "Согласна!" (literally, with a girl speaking, "of agreement!") when in English you might say, "That sounds good/cool" or "Sure." "Не согласна/не согласен" (boy then girl saying, "not of agreement") can be used to also say "No way!" in some situations. 

More and more, we're noticing some funny cross-over linguistic blips that the girls make in English. Another recent one was, "How do you feel yourself?" instead of "How do you feel?" because in Russian you say, "Как себя чувствуешь?" Once we point it out to the kids, they instantly realize what they've said and crack up. It's not that their English knowledge is in any way inadequate; they know the correct way to say everything and English is their mother tongue. Such errors usually only appear when they're tired or emotionally-charged.


The Expatresse said...

We get Franglais now and then, especially from our youngest. She'll say "What day are we?" instead of "What day is it?" And she sometimes conjugates English verbs as if they were French. Nothing major, and you can understand what she means. It's mostly charming and should not affect her ability to run for President or accept an Academy Award or Pulitzer. :-)

Rachael said...

Tell Natalia that I DON'T AGREE either. It's getting cold early here too and I am not happy about it.

Tina in CT said...

As for me, I love early fall with the cooler weather. Can't say I love the extreme cold of winter (January) but do love the CT scenery in the winter with fresh snow and blue skies the following day.

Yes, wonder if Natalia will end up in a warmer climate. She'll have to wait until she graduates from that college up North in NH (if she carries on in her parents' footsteps).

Anonymous said...

I love it!
"I don't agree!"
Wonderful expression!