Thursday, November 5, 2009

Guess It's All A Matter of Perspective...

Vaccinations against the flu are called "flu jabs" here. I read that on a pamphlet at the doctor's office, and the image it conjured for me was a rather violent one: someone coming at you as in a duel, perhaps in full armor (been to a lot of castles recently).

Can't you just picture little kids recoiling in fear before they get "jabbed" with that foil-like needle? I even shared that thought out loud. Naturally, the others waiting were curious what we say in the USA.

Hmm. Didn't I feel silly.

In America you get "shot."



Karyn Dubravetz said...

I love how being in a foreign culture can open your eyes to things you've never thought twice about in your own culture!

Annie said...

Ha! You made me laugh out loud! I guess that IS silly! But you're right! I KNOW what a "shot" is - but a "jab" does sound rather more violent than what I am expecting.