Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Screaming with Glee, Believe Me!!!

No, no news yet about our poor cat...

But I am relieved beyond words to learn that ALL SCHOOLS IN MOSCOW ARE CLOSED NEXT WEEK! Over half of Moscow kids are sick, so there's a mandatory quarantine. I'm thrilled my kids can come straight home from the airport and wait it out.

I'm also thrilled I'll get a chance to recuperate from this trip and from being ill for so long.

Maybe I'll even find the energy to finish painting that last wall of the girls' room...

The Head of the High School told me the news , relishing sharing every word as much as I relished hearing it... We sure did the "happy jig" in Edinburgh tonight!

One of the students discounted it all, saying, "Yeah, but you guys have no clue how great this is. WE've had no vacation since we were here for this trip!"

Me: "Do you really think this was a true vacation for us? And that we're not thrilled to have a week off from school, too?"

Student: "You just don't get it. You're a teacher. We have another life, you know."

His extent of cluelessness baffles the mind!


Tina in CT said...

I'd have wanted to kick him in the butt! What a spoiled brat!

I am so glad that you are off next week. You all can vegg.

Hope Lyalya is OK and doesn't need surgery.

I had a scare as all of a sudden Liesel was beyond her leash's territory. I ran right over but of course she ran into Susan's yard next door. She stayed under the huge shrub dividing our property. I was so scared she'd take off or run out in the street. Thankfully no cars came up the street and she finally came to me. I scooped her right up. I will now walk her until I can go buy a new clasp for the line.

Anonymous said...

Great news,
you may recover some of you lost vacation. No matter what children think about teachers life.

The Expatresse said...

ALL schools? You think mine, too?

Annie said...

Ha! That's so funny. I can still remember occasionally running into a teacher of mine at the grocery or something; it was HORRIBLE. Something like seeing her naked. Teachers are NOT supposed to have any life. They should just be shut down and kept at school, like the AV equipment.

I am relieved you get a vacation. I am concerned about your health. You need to rest to get well....I wonder if the rigors of tourism, to say nothing about being "on" as a teacher 24-7 in a damp, cold country is all that good for you.

Rachael said...

Awesome! What a perfectly timed GIFT!

P.S. I thought of you today: we're in London now - and it was SO crowded on the tube this afternoon - like Moscow on the bus after the Victory Day parade, crowded. And, it reminded me of our fun "trip" home with you and me and my mom and Jack. Also, realizing what a perfect sight-seeing pal you are, as I'm pulling out my camera everywhere and feeling kind of sheepish about it. But, knowing that if you were here with me, you'd have twice as many photos as I, and there'd be no reason to feel sheepish - just snap away! haha.

garnet said...

They really have absolutely no clue. And yes, I often feel like I have no life other than school. Of course living with my students all the time doesn't help either. Hope you were able to salvage something of the week despite the trauma with the cat and that everyone got some rest.