Sunday, November 1, 2009

Throwing Up On the Queen's Persian Carpet Is a Tourist No-No...

... so I'm thrilled I managed to hold it back. In the throne room.

The Palace of Hollyrood House

Egad, that would have been mortifying. But it would have been some "royal" blog fodder! I swear, that was my only consolation as I did my utmost to avoid such an embarrassing situation. Luckily I made it outside to the grass by the archway. And no one noticed.

(The gook in my chest and face is dripping into my stomach and making me nauseated; it's not that I have a virus that causes vomiting.)

Thus began the day! We were touring Hollyrood House, the Queen's 3rd official residence in the UK, after Buckingham Palace and Windsor Palace. We got to see the historic parts of the palace, not any wings where people from the past two centuries have lived.

Detail from fountain in courtyard.

I bought the girls a cool Kids' History of Scotland, only to read it myself this afternoon and learn something important on every single page.

Our students in the remains of the Abbey.

I'd have taken more pictures, but you're not technically supposed to do so inside the palace--and I was too ill... Not to mention I was afraid of having an accident with my camera.

The rest of the day? Well, I spent it in bed, sleeping more soundly than I can remember in years. I got up for dinner, then came back to the hotel and am headed back to bed. I do feel a bit better after the rest, but I'm still sick... The kids are all teetering on being sick, too. It rains here non-stop and the chill is piercing. Especially when you're touring old drafty palaces, castles and dungeons!

A wee bit of trivia I learned tonight at dinner:

Close-up, this is what it says:


Tina in CT said...

Holy crap! Thank goodness you made it outside before you got sick!

OK, this in your worrisome mother. Please rest and go to a walk-in if you get any worse or have other symptoms. I am so afraid of your getting H1N1. (Stop rolling your eyes. I know you and have for many years.)

I hope you perk up and no one gets sick.

The British Isles are always damp and rainy. We had it cold, raw, damp in June and I have pictures of me in a gold shetland sweater I had to buy and also wearing my trench coat. Glad you brought your down jacket.

Scotland is a great country and the people are lovely.

I haven't spoken to Chris and the girls. Someone from the ranch called here Sat. but I was out. I called back and John said Chris was napping. I called this morning and got their answering machine.

Anonymous said...

My favorite steak too! Had no idea where the name comes from.

The Expatresse said...

My first thought was "Is she pregnant?" Then I remembered that your husband works all the time.

The UK is freaking COLD! All of it. Any time. I am never so cold as when I am there. We were in Cornwall last Christmas, and I got to wear all my fleecy stuff I can't wear in Moscow because in Moscow AT LEAST WE HAVE HEAT!

fedbet said...

It's cold and wet, wet , wet - that's the problem. This is why I find weather here in russia a breeze (me - a true scot )

Anonymous said...

I can not resit it anymore, reading your blog second time, I am with your mother. Just in case,at least find out where the walk-in clinic is!

Tina in CT said...


We moms think alike.


Annie said...

I wish you'd feel better! I have a hard time enjoying your trip when I know you're sick. (Weird though that may be.)