Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Snowstorm of the Year

I took these pictures on the way back from getting some work done on our car. It really stinks that the steering started acting up on the day of our first snowstorm. I called immediately this morning, cleared my schedule after my last class, and got an appointment... Then the snow started falling. And falling!!!

The driving was so rough heading home that it took me two hours to drive what should have taken half an hour. That's not so odd for Moscow, but it was "Gosh, I'm gonna puke from adrenaline overload" hard.

It culminated in this "little" bottleneck. STANDSTILL, with '80s Russian pop music blaring from tin cars' thin doors. When I got out of my car to take this video, two guys shouted, "Hey, send that to Luzhkov!" and started clapping. That's the mayor... I bet his inbox is filled with all kinds of cheery greetings...!


I was lucky to get "spit out" from the eye of the storm by having some random guy leave his car to direct traffic for a bit--aggressively. I can only imagine how long others were stuck there in a angry stand-off!

What a long day. And then at 11:30 p.m., I began entering all of today's grades into the online grade book in order to meet the deadline for tomorrow's 10th grade parent/teacher conferences... (Wifi at the car dealership wasn't working).


Anonymous said...

We had our first (really second, but first one was in October and does not count anymore)snow too, but it was over weekend and nothing as dramatic as you drive happened here. Moscow sure sounds like very taxing environment. You are for a long haul now.

Rachael said...

Hey - that's Victory Park! I'll never forget that crazy night of escapades! lol.

Bummer about the traffic, esp. with everything you've got going on right now. You need some good books on CD to listen to in the car to ease the pain.

Tina in CT said...

What a crappy situation! I could not stand it.

Anonymous said...

Pretty, but sounds like one needs the patience of Job to live there. Happy you made it home safely!

~ PattiLynn

The Expatresse said...

I had friends posting on Facebook last night about 3 hour commutes. Kids getting home from school at 7:30, etc. I was glad to be walking/metro-ing. The Garden Ring was still a parking lot at 11:00 p.m.

Michelle @ neither here nor there said...

Hi there, you have a new reader here - I found this by googling "what to do with kids in moscow" which in directly lead me here! I'm also an expat mom - we live in Germany. Happy to be reading along and seeing how you eastern european moms are getting along :)

Tina in CT said...

Hopefully today's commute will be much easier.

Elle J said...

Really? That traffic jam does not even look logical. Traffic jams in the US at least have cars pointed in the same direction. =) Crazy, I don't know how you did it. I am sure I would have just starting crying ... glad you got home safely.

Annie said...

Ah - I have the springtime version of that first photo! If I have to be cold, I wish I could be cold in Moscow!