Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Natalia!

"I'm THIS many!"

We began the celebration by baking her cake(s) on Saturday. (King Arthur's Vanilla Butter Cake).

I let her lick the beaters... Yum!

Today she got up bright and early to unwrap her presents. More than anything, she wanted this pink picnic table with birthday treats. It is so darn cute! The look on her face was precious!

The theme for the dolls' "party" is friendship; after she sang herself a birthday song, she had fun reading from the box of conversational cards about friendship that decorate the picnic table.

She and Katya enjoyed playing with her presents later on. They did magic tricks and styled their dolls' hair while we watched a Christmas movie.

Later in the morning we met up with friends at the Starbucks on Old Arbat Street. They were having a "Children's Party" with some activities and there was going to be free cocoa. Much to our surprise, they ended up throwing a birthday party--for free--for Natalia! They even made a "cake" out of muffins and lollypops!

Here are all the kids afterwards while the snow started to fall again.

Tomorrow is Natalia's party at school; a cool cake I'll finish making and Bingo with her classmates.


Tina in CT said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the cake and hear about her school party.

I enjoyed see Natalia with her presents and singing.

katbat said...

Happy Birthday to Natalia!! Cute table! wishing her the best.

Rachael said...

Tell Natalia Happy Birthday for us! 7 is GREAT!

Also, I love the name of the cake. Does it taste as cool as it sounds? :)

Elle J said...

Happy Birthday to Natalia!! What a beautiful girl!

Annie said...

I feel homesick. How odd is that? Maybe because I spent so many absolutely happy hours in that Starbucks with Ilya.

Sounds like Natalia had a glorious birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again!
It sounds like she had very nice birthday.

garnet said...

Happy birthday to Natalia! What a fun thing to happen with the muffin cake.

Tami said...

Happy Birthday Natalia!!! Hope you had an awesome day! :)